Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 5 Kitchen Challenge!

OK if you've been following along...
I've been doing the weekly challenges at
A Bowl Full of Lemons

This week it is the kitchen.

Mom and I worked on my kitchen
a little over the Christmas Break when she was here.
In between the stomach virus and respiratory garbage that
went through the house!

I found these coated wire shelves at
Old Time Pottery and brought them home to see how they worked.

They worked so well, we went back and bought all they had.
I have also found them at Wal-Mart.
And yes, I have bought several more!
We used the large expandable ones for my dishes.
My cabinets are very tall and there was a lot of waisted space in between
the shelves, but with these shelves I was
able to double the amount of stuff
I could fit on each shelf.

I bought two of the spice shelves that fit across the bottom.
On the shelf above, I used the small shelves that allowed me
to stack things 2 high on the middle shelf but also left a little room
in front to stack bottles that were too tall.

I used the large shelves turned side ways to stack my Pyrex baking dishes.
Before they were all stacked on top of each other and I would
always need the one that was on the bottom of the stack.
Now they are much easier to get too!

I used a large expandable one about the ovens to keep my
bigger pots and the extra lids that go with my cookware.
The large pots are able to sit on the shelves and have their lids on top.
My cutting boards stand up on the right hand side too.

I'm going to work some more on my spice cabinet.
I've looked around at several blogs and gotten lots of ideas,
of how I want to do it so I don't have
14 different sizes of bottles up there.
So, hopefully by the end of the week,
I'll have beautiful cabinets
inside and out!

It's times like this I really wish
we had a Container Store or and Ikea store
right around the corner.

But today we are watching the weather!
You have to love Spring Time
in the South.

We are under Tornado Watches
and there have been a few Tornado Warnings...
I hate days like this.

So hopefully tomorrow we'll get lots and lots
accomplished.  But, today, we are just sitting here with
our football helmet and watching the weather.
Listening to the windows pop in the wind...
it's kind of creepy...

Hopefully I won't wind up like
althought I think I could pull off those
red sequined shoes.

UPDATE...Jump to this post and see what I have been up to
later on in the week!

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  1. Hi! I use those same wire shelf dividers as well. Which I plan on taking pics and sharing at bowl full of lemons too. I love them! They have really helped make things organized and to give you more storage space. Yours looks great :)

    Deanna@Deeliteful Creations