Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mix up -- Switch up

So while Austin's furniture is on order
we are on the hunt for new bedding...
he says he just wants another
solid, Navy Blue comforter.
I may do it, just to avoid having to take him
shopping....cause he loves it so much...

But Jackson on the other hand is too young to have an
opinion on the "style" of his bedroom...
so I am starting to make a plan!

Austin's furniture will move into Jackson's room. 
The yellow paint will have to go...
which I don't think either of us will be sad to see...
we have never been that fond of the color, but
after the 82 coats it took
I didn't want to pick another one out!

I have asked Scott to do some
board and batten detailing on his walls.
I think Scott has agreed to go along...
I may need to bat my eyes a little more.

We are going to paint the majority of the room white,
and then above the board and batten
Navy Blue...
I would like to paint the ceiling a light gray/blue,
but I have not sprung that on Scott,
so if he looks at me cross eyed I think I'll have to
let that one go.

I would like to paint his furniture a deep red.
I am going to keep the Navy Blue comforter that
Austin already has and use these sheets.

I also found these prints on Etsy.
I think they will look really nice in there.
I may not order the navy mats and look for some
at Hobby Lobby that are
white with a dark blue double mat...
frame them in a simple pewter frame
and then hang them against the dark navy wall.

Here is the pillow that matches the sheets.
I looked at the quilt that matches and it is not
a pieced quilt.  If that makes sense.
Instead of being actual different pieces of fabric it is just
screen printed on the fabric.
So I wasn't a big fan.
I am going to try to find a coordinating plaid
 to match up with the pillow and sheets.

I saw this whole idea on

She does some really neat things with decorating on the cheap.
She finds amazing things at Goodwill and other thrift stores
and adds paint and such and makes them look great.
So that is where I totally stole the idea!
Her little boys' room turned out very cute, so I think
Jackson's new Airplane room
will turn out pretty neat too!
Maybe I'll send here a picture of his room when it's done.
They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
So hopefully she'd like it...

We are off to pick up Austin.
They said we were getting snow today,
so school was delayed until 10:30.
This day has gone by fast!
Oh yeah...and then we are on the way to
take Jackson to the Doctor...
He's sick....again!!
I am so ready for Spring...

Friday, January 21, 2011

What a Friday....

Are we ever going to get back to normal???

We have snow, AGAIN!! usually I am as excited as the next about some
snow in the south...but this is getting a little out of hand!

Austin's school was delayed this morning until 9:30.
And when Austin jumped out at the door we realized
he had forgotten his gym clothes...
not the end of the world, but I ran home and brought them back.
This is how Jackson looked when he went in to see Mrs. Joan
in the office.

NICE, Huh?

He had decided that the bottom of the icing cup from
cinnamon bites this morning needed to be licked clean...


And this is his...
"why on earth are you taking my picture...
wasn't taking me out in public bad enough?"


We are getting ready for some big changes around here!
We ordered Austin some new furniture this week.
After taking several furniture shopping trips last week, we finally
found a set that we all could agree on...
and believe wasn't easy!
And I might have just picked out two or three sets
that I would have liked to put in my bedroom, too.
I decided not to push my luck!

So, this is his bedroom furniture!
It's the Martini Suite from Ashley.
However...if you are in the market for furniture and live in
North Alabama or Southern Tennessee
or even Western Georgia...
take a little trip to
there is a furniture store in Ft. Payne, AL called
Akins Furniture...
they were able to order our furniture for
$700 less than the actual Ashley Store!!!
And the price the Ashley store gave us...
it was "supposedly" a 40% off Sale Price

I think he's excited! 
He's not going to know what to do in that big bed!
He's slept in a twin since he came out of his baby bed!

With Austin's new furniture arrival means that his old
furniture will move into Jackson's room!
Poor little thing is about to get too big for his baby bed.
He looks so cramped in there.

So with new furniture comes a little redecorating and rearranging!
Austin's room will stay the same with the exception of finding
him some new bedding.  Which may turn out to be as
fun as finding him the furniture.
(insert tones of sarcasm here)

And then to decide what to do with Jackson's room.
Austin's furniture needs to be repainted before we set it up
in Jackson's room. And the yellow Nursery walls will
need a new coat of paint.

So I think we are going to make a run to
Lowe's some time today and start
getting some paint samples!
We also need to find a chest of drawers
 for Jackson's new room!

Better get things cleaned up around here for the great

Oh...and they are giving snow again for Monday and Tuesday

Is it spring yet??

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In case you didn't hear...

There's a big game on tonight!!!!
Showdown in Glendale

Which can only mean one thing....

And just in case you didn't hear....

are the



Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Storm of 2011

Last night when we went to bed this is what the top of the table
on the deck looked like...

And this morning we had just a teeny, tiny bit more!!!

WOW....we have snow everywhere!!!
It is AWESOME!!!
I say "is" because it has not gone anywhere today!!!

Jackson could not wait to get out and play in the snow.
Since we are not used to having this much snow...ever...
we are not prepared with all of the snow gear that one
needs to play in the snow.
Jackson didn't have any shoes that would not just soak through,
so we had to improvise...
grocery bags and duct tape

I'm not sure if the measuring tape was all the way to the ground...
but we had between 6-8 inches of snow....
white, beautiful, fluffy snow!!!

Our neighbors let the boys ride on their sled behind the
four wheeler...
Jackson had more fun riding on the actual 4-wheeler
rather than the sled.

Heading up the drive and ready to ride!

Coming back around....
The boys absolutely had a BLAST!

A snow day is not complete without a
Ours is sporting his Orange and Blue...
There's a BIG GAME on case you haven't heard.
Our Auburn Tigers are playing for the
Warrrrr Eagle HEY!!!

We tried to run the go kart around, but
there was TOO MUCH SNOW!!!
That just seemed so weird to hear
in Alabama!!!

We had a great time playing in the snow.
Came in and made some chili to keep us warm
and then made some snow cream.

We received word late this evening
that School is out again tomorrow
Whoo Hoo!!!
Another day to play!!!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


In North Alabama, this doesn't happen very often


For the last three days they have said it was coming,
and in our neck of the woods we don't believe it until we see it...
We stopped and had dinner at Pepper's tonight after church,
headed to Publix for a few last minute items...
came out at 7:45 and it had just started to snow...
and at 9:45 this is what it looks like out my front door..
White, beautiful, peaceful....

I love SNOW!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sickies and a Little Ray of Sunshine!

Well we are on week 5 of Scott being gone and
sickness is still falling upon our house.

Someone has been sick (and sometimes, several of us
at the same time) since before THANKSGIVING!!!
and to be quite honest
we are SICK of being SICK!!!!
Wednesday afternoon I started not feeling well,
still felt bad on Thursday so I loaded up and went to the Doctor...
I have strep
and it has just about knocked me on my backside!
Luckily, Jackson has been very entertained with movies...
at times....the same one over and over!
But it is working for us right now.

Tonight, we received a special treat...
Joy and Michele went and bought us groceries
and brought me Chinese for dinner...
and some beautiful flowers to
brighten my day!

Normally, the grocery thing would not have been such a big deal...
except they are giving SNOW in the forecast...
lots of snow...

And what were we out of...
milk and bread
and Jackson goes through the milk like we own a dairy farm!

So last night when Joy called to check on me she said
"Tell me what I can do"
and I said
"Bring Jackson Milk!"
so she told me to make a list and off to the store they went today!
I think that was the best thing EVER!!

Knowing we didn't have to get out in the cold...
out in the crowds...
made me feel better
even though my meds are not!
Hopefully I'll be back to normal in a day or two...
and the weekend is here so we plan on sleeping LATE
and just being lazy!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...New Goals

Every year brings a new attitude of change...
resolutions to loose weight, organize, read your bible in a year...
All things to make us better and this year I am going to
try my best to put into place ways to keep me on track!

I keep looking for ways to keep myself on some sort of schedule.
Scott is a list maker and a task master...
me, umm not so much.
He is always fussing at me to
make a list...
to take to the grocery store,
to Wal-Mart,
of things in general to do around the house...
so one of my goals is to start making lists!

The grocery list,
Wal-mart list,
Austin's activities
House projects to be done...
Writing it all down so I don't forget it...
and also hopefully to look back on and be able to say
"See what I got done today"
when he comes home and says...
"so what have you done today?"

One list I found was a way to keep things caught up around the house...
this is a biggie for me.
I wait until everything is in total disarray and then try to clean from
top to bottom.

So here is my resolution to house cleaning in 2011.
I read this schedule somewhere out in
blogland....but can't remember where I saw it.

Monday:  Menu and Market
I am going to try to get in the habit of planning out our meals
and buying what we need and not a lot of junk when
we are constantly running in to the store...

Tuesday:  Tubs, Toilets and Towels
Cleaning our bathrooms and getting caught up on all the
towels!  Up and down!  Whoever thought 5 bathrooms was a good idea...
never had to clean them!

Wednesday:  Wash
I am going to try to do a load a day and
then just use Wednesday as catch up.
Jackson still takes his bath in the
laundry room sink, so I am thinking a load while he plays!

Thursday:  Dust
I'll use this day for clutter pick up too...
gotta pick up to dust off!

Friday:  Floors
Dust, Vacuum, and Steam hard floors...then maybe
I'll only see the shine off my hardwoods...and
not Jackson's little footprints in the dust!

Hopefully this will keep me on track...
and things will not get out of control!

I am also going to go room by room and declutter and clean out...
Jackson still has shorts in the closet mixed in with his winter sweaters!

Another one of my goals this year is to be a better note writer.
We are so caught up in instant messaging, Facebook-ing, and emailing
that the art of a hand written note is almost lost!
But one night, at our group meeting at church,
Ray was talking to us
about how much a note means to someone who is sick. 
And also told us about
Elaine's mom getting notes from our friend Andy,
who passed away last year.
Andy was so good to send notes of encouragement to those
in our local congregation.  Andy did this all the time,
 but even after he got sick...
and knew he was dying...he continued to send notes
to people around him.
Ray challenged us to write more and do more...
if Andy could do it then surely we could too!

So today I sat down and wrote several notes...they are not
poetic by any means, but hopefully they will bring a smile to someones face.
I might add this to my Monday routine.

I haven't made a menu out for this week.
Scott is still gone, so there is not a need to cook a big
meal every night...we have been eating a lot of sandwiches
and left overs!
and Take out Pizza!!!

Austin heads back to School tomorrow!!!
Jackson is going to be sad to see him go...
but it is going to be good for us to get back to a schedule and a routine!!!

So that's about all for today...
nothing exciting going on...
just planning out goals for the year...
and getting ready to take on the world!!!
Well... just our little corner of the world.