Friday, February 18, 2011

Now where did I put that...

I am still knocking away at my little organizing projects...
oh, who am I kidding...
I have BIG organizing projects!

I have laughed so much at myself since I began my
journey to get our house organized.
I laugh because there is a fine line between
becoming obsessive compulsive about organizing,
to hanging it all up and taking one step closer
to being on the next episode of Hoarders.
Or I may just have a severe case of ADD
(addictive decorating disorder)

Case in point...
this weeks challenge over at

This week the challenge was to create a
Recipe Binder.
I have needed to do this for a loooonnnnngggg time.
I am notorious for printing recipes off the Internet and
never getting around to keeping them in any kind of order.
I even started putting some of my favorites on
my little recipe blog
I say little, because I only managed to
put a handful of recipes on there.
I guess I thought if I could have one general spot on the
Internet to look them up, I'd be able to find
them when I needed them.
Except for the fact that I can't drag the computer
to the kitchen counter to read the recipe.

Well...the organizing has begun!
I got a binder and started printing off labels to
get all of those sheets of paper in some sense of order.

Here is where my organizing OCD comes in.
Hang with me for a minute...I'll get to the recipe binder...
While looking through all of the wonderful blogs out there
I am getting great ideas...
sometimes too many ideas...
One idea was how to make these shelves.

Cafe Shelving - 12 inch Deep

You can buy these lovely shelves

However, I don't have the $350 that I would need to
buy the three shelves that I want for my kitchen...
enter project 472 that I have added to
"Scott's To Do List"
You can see how to make your own
at a much less expensive price tag.
Go check it out

See I'm telling you....
LOTS of information and

So, while I was looking at these great shelves,
I spent some time looking around the web site
getting even more decorating ideas...
and found these
lovely little beauties

Lemon Halequin Scatter Rug
Click Here
to see these lovely rugs
from my new favorite catalog!

I think they would look really good in my kitchen...
(hint to mom...Scott...anyone...I have a birthday coming up...)

So back to the recipe binder...
I like things to match...
and I really like these rugs...

so guess what...

Awww Yeah!!
See what I mean...
I know...I've lost my mind.

It's all nice and lemon-y...

Oh yeah...and it's monogrammed...
a little more happiness!

I just love the black and white...
and it's stuffed full of wonderful recipes!!

(if you click the picture, it will enlarge and you can see
the different categories I chose)

When I was sorting through all of my pages,
I could not figure out the best way to categorize them.
So I have 4000 recipe categories,
and 8000 recipes that I have printed off.
Some that I found I have printed off more than once.
I bought some page protectors and am stuffing away!

The only problem is...
I think I am going to need another binder!

So I finally have a place to keep all of those recipes!
And I'm off to Staples to buy another binder...
Now I'm going to have to figure out how to separate out
those 4000 recipe categories.

one of these days...
I will be organized...

So go check out the rest of the
Recipe Binders at


  1. Totally inspired by the black & white & yellow! Looks fantastic. I put mine together (with a black/white/yellow cover), but haven't posted about it. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Love this! Where did you find the topiary clip
    art for the binder?