Friday, February 19, 2010

Here Comes the SUN!!!!!

Today has been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Isn't that the sweetest face?
He was waiting on Scott to get home today and just laid over on the ottoman.

Scott took the day off to bring his truck home...

Jackson thought he might need some help
so he headed outside to see if he could get some things off the
trailer for him!

Pappa was so excited to see Jackson--
it knocked him off his feet!!!

Jakson took the liberty to adjust the radio and A/C
in Pappa's truck while they did the heavy lifting.

Jackson was so happy to be outside!
When he finally made it to the back yard he just ran around!
He was having a BLAST!!!


The truck is all off the trailer
and in the garage where it belongs.
Scott asked if he could have some frineds
come over and play tomorrow,
so they are going to get started putting the bed back together,
and then all of the rest of the pieces.

Hope everyone took some time today to enjoy the sunshine!!
We are heading back to school tonight to watch
the Elementary Musical.
Austin is less than thrilled.
They are performing Broadway Musical songs.
The fifth grade is singing a song from
Phantom of the Opera.

This should be very interesting....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

So here are the boys' Valentine's Day buckets.
This is the only picture that I have of them because Austin had his torn apart before I
could get a picture of him with it Sunday morning,
oh well!

Scott got me a new Pandora bracelet for Valentine's Day.
I have one that he added several charms to at Christmas time and it has mainly green beads.
I really like it, but I decided that I wanted to get another one and make it just black and white.
I have a lot of black in my wardrobe and thought it would go with a lot more.
I think it would be fun to make a Christmas one, or start one for Valentine's Day and do it in all pink and red.
Oh the possibilities are endless...wouldn't an Auburn one be and blue glass beads with little footballs ....see endless!!!

Things this week have been pretty quiet. 
Some times it is nice that way.

I am starting to plan for Jackson's 2nd birhday party.
I have ordered him a birthday hat
that I can't wait to see and his
Birthday outfit should arrive today. 

I am going to try to make some cute
cupcake wrappers and toppers and I am
trying to find a cute idea for his smash cake.
We are going for a Cow theme this year...
Oink, Oink, Moo, MOOO
Little Jackson's turning 2!!!

Well, I think my little guy is ready for his nap.  He's laying still on the floor with his paci watching TV,
he never sits still unless he's sleepy so I think I am off to put him down for a nap.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wonder if He'll give me a Facelift at 45??

We went Friday afternoon to check on Scott's paint job in progress.  He's been chomping at the bit to get over to see it and Friday, the weather and work finally cooperated and off we went!

I laughed a little when we got there because the color of the truck seems to change, daily.
I gave Scott such a hard time about picking out the color.  He finally picked one, called Mr. Wimberly and told him about it, and then changed his mind again!  He found this color on a couple of cars on the internet.  Those photos looked completely different.
Then when Scott's mom and dad would send us photos, they looked more Royal blue.
Then when I went in to see it looks completely different!!

I thought it was funny. But either way it is a very pretty color blue.
And it's almost DONE!!!
I think he can go and pick it up next weekend.

So, his project is coming closer to an end.
He still has a lot of work to be done but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel...
and it's not the train!

Here are a few more pictures of the truck.
Can't wait to see it put all back together.

He still needs to find new carpet and put the rest of the seats in,
but it's all coming together!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love is in the air....

Not much has been going on this week. 
Scott's been out of town
and the boys and I are just chillin'.
Monday night Jackson started getting a little bit of a runny nose,
which I think is just his teeth.
We have just decided that we are going to stay in
and make sure it doesn't turn into something else.

We are getting ready for Valentine's Day though.
I ordered these galvanized buckets from a girl off Etsy.

I told her that I needed something that looked "boyish" since they are not into the love
 part of this upcoming holiday!! 
She did a really cute job...
I like that the heart looks like a child drew it. 
I am thinking about having her do some for Easter
and have her put their names in grass and put colored eggs
in front and behind of their names. 
I was really happy with the way they turned out. 
She has bigger tubs that you could use in the bathroom
and roll up towls or put bath goodies in. 
She has examples of different monograms and names on them. 
Cute, Cute! 
I am nuts for anything that I can slap their names.
Austin thought they were neat too.  I can't wait to fill them up with some
Valentine's Day goodies!!!

Scott comes home tomorrow and we are ready!!
It's times like this that I really sympathize with single mom's!! 
I am tired and need to run errands and no one to tag team with just stinks!!!

Well, I am off to bed--

If I'm not back before the weekend
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What??? Where did this come from!!!

Look at what we have this morning.  When I took Austin to school it had started to sleet and it was covering the roads and then by 10 o'clock this is what it looks like.  There was not even a flake in the forcast!!!

It is piling up on the deck rail and all over the roads and yards.  And yes, the kids are at school with no word of coming home!!!  Isn't that the way it goes...a couple of weeks ago they predicted snow and let school out before the first flake fell and we had nothin'!! 
And today there was nothing forcasted and we had at least 2 inches.

Everything looks so pretty covered in snow.

Jackson snuck out behind me when I stepped out to take the picture out the front door.
(yes mom, he's not even wearing a coat...or shoes!)
He kept saying "No, No" whthout an "s" in a really high picthed voice.
He liked picking the snow out of my hand and throwing it off the porch.

Everything was so quiet outside.  You could hear the snow falling and the sleet hititng the ground.
They say it won't last long though, it is suppose to get up to 47 today so we'll see.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Race Day!!!!

Gentlemen...Start Your Engines!!!!!!

Today was Austin's Pine Wood Derby with his Cub Scout Pack.
He placed 5th out of over 30 cars and also was awarded
the Sportsmanship Award.
He was a little dissapointed that he did not place but was very excited to get the Sportsmanship award.

Austin and Andrew had track side seats to check out the competition. 
Notice that Austin has his Rally Cap on. He was excited that his car was running well.

Here is Austin with our Pack Leader receiving his Sportsmanship Award.

Here is Austin's pit crew cheering him on.  Jackson spent most of his time this morning tring to get to the table with all of the cars.  He thougth that would be a lot of fun!!!

Here is a snap shot of Austin's car-- it's the blue one in the middle.
He named his car "The Patriot" and decorated it with red, white and blue decals.
He was very proud of the way it turned out.  He just wishes he had placed since this was his last year to compete. 

All in all it has been a good day.  We ate lunch with Mama and Papa and then they headed home.  We came home and put Jackson down for a nap and the boys cleaned up the mess they had made in the garage making the car and we are now just taking it easy.

Scott is going on travel this week so the boys and I are going to be hanging out all week and taking it easy.
No school projects, no cub scout projects, just routine homework!!  Whew, I need a break!

Enjoy the weekend!!!

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