Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 5 Kitchen Challenge!

OK if you've been following along...
I've been doing the weekly challenges at
A Bowl Full of Lemons

This week it is the kitchen.

Mom and I worked on my kitchen
a little over the Christmas Break when she was here.
In between the stomach virus and respiratory garbage that
went through the house!

I found these coated wire shelves at
Old Time Pottery and brought them home to see how they worked.

They worked so well, we went back and bought all they had.
I have also found them at Wal-Mart.
And yes, I have bought several more!
We used the large expandable ones for my dishes.
My cabinets are very tall and there was a lot of waisted space in between
the shelves, but with these shelves I was
able to double the amount of stuff
I could fit on each shelf.

I bought two of the spice shelves that fit across the bottom.
On the shelf above, I used the small shelves that allowed me
to stack things 2 high on the middle shelf but also left a little room
in front to stack bottles that were too tall.

I used the large shelves turned side ways to stack my Pyrex baking dishes.
Before they were all stacked on top of each other and I would
always need the one that was on the bottom of the stack.
Now they are much easier to get too!

I used a large expandable one about the ovens to keep my
bigger pots and the extra lids that go with my cookware.
The large pots are able to sit on the shelves and have their lids on top.
My cutting boards stand up on the right hand side too.

I'm going to work some more on my spice cabinet.
I've looked around at several blogs and gotten lots of ideas,
of how I want to do it so I don't have
14 different sizes of bottles up there.
So, hopefully by the end of the week,
I'll have beautiful cabinets
inside and out!

It's times like this I really wish
we had a Container Store or and Ikea store
right around the corner.

But today we are watching the weather!
You have to love Spring Time
in the South.

We are under Tornado Watches
and there have been a few Tornado Warnings...
I hate days like this.

So hopefully tomorrow we'll get lots and lots
accomplished.  But, today, we are just sitting here with
our football helmet and watching the weather.
Listening to the windows pop in the wind...
it's kind of creepy...

Hopefully I won't wind up like
althought I think I could pull off those
red sequined shoes.

UPDATE...Jump to this post and see what I have been up to
later on in the week!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do you hear that...

I think I hear the Hallelujah Chorus!!!

I had to get this done after I posted those absolutely
horrible pictures...
I really am not a TOTAL slob...
if it makes me look any better,
that room is downstairs...out of sight...
not working....

oh well, I tried.

So hold on to your seat!
Ahh...there is a floor down there.

I have all of the junk cleared off of the counter,
but there are still stacks of unfinished projects that
I do not know what to do with...
except get to it and finish the albums!

I cleared off the "sewing table"
(insert laughter here...
cause I can't sew...)
The sewing machine is in it's case
tucked neatly under the table, next to the rolling cart
of fabric...again, that I can't do anything with.
(Mom...your list of projects are growing by the day!)
and my little gift wrap cabinet.

I cleared and cleaned out!
All of those boxes and two
BIG bags of trash. 

I even started a little stash of things of
things to put in a yard sale!

I tried to organize all of the things for Austin's
school scrapbooks in one place.
I have all of his "memorabilia" separated by school year
in the big cube to the right.
Jackson's album is in the white large photo box.
The other smaller photo boxes need to be organized.
They are somewhat divided into categories,
but I think I can get them straightened out a little better.

When I have a couple of days, I plan on pulling my big
6 foot table out and getting my
"to do" projects in order.
I have most of the photos printed for Austin's school books...
just have to make the time to sit down and do them.

There is a lot of decorating in here that I still want to do,
along with a lot of organizing.
I think the walls need to be a little brighter and I have
some fabric to have some curtains made.
I also want to paint the oak table on the back wall,
add a shelf in between the cabinets on the wall,
move the tread mill out...
and find a nice desk to replace the wood topped desk that all of
the projects are sitting on right now. you want your table? the yard sale it goes...

I would also like to have a big chair to sit in the corner.
So while lots has been done,
there is still a lot to do!

I guess our houses are always a work in progress...
speaking of work...
have to stop working on the scrapbook room...
the next project is calling my name!
Actually, Scott is calling and telling me,
"If you want to get this done, you need to get in here and help me!"
Somebody in our house is getting a new big boy room!
Sniff, Sniff
he's growing up waaayyyy to fast!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Craft Room Organization! and Bursting Your Bubble!

First I have to tell you that

has been featured!!!
Pretty exciting, huh?

Go and check it out...
who would have ever thought that I would be featured on a
blog about organizing...
not me...or anyone who knows me, really...HA!

So now that you have seen the one little area of my house that is organized,
it's time to burst your bubble!!

My Gift Wrap Cabinet is the
ONLY place that is organized in my house...
the room that surrounds that little cabinet...

So...I originally said I couldn't
Keep it THAT Real!
But here it is,
in all it's
Unorganized Glory...'s unorganized

Oh my...
can you see that there are 3 chairs in all of that mess...
No wait...only two are is covered with a bag
full of trash!

I feel I need to add a disclaimer here:
This accumulated over the busy Christmas holiday season...
when my Husband was working out of state...
for a month and a half...
My mother came to stay with us and help out...
the only thing we did was nurse the sick...
all of us, for about 2 weeks straight...
felling sorry for my yet....
I know....quit making excuses...

This room, unfortunately turns into a dumping ground.
When Mom and Dad come to stay and we need to move
things out of their way...
they get put in the scrapbook room.

Christmas packages arriving by the UPS man...
get put in the scrapbook room.

Something that does not have a permanent home...
scrapbook room.

Do you see the pattern here.
If it doesn't have a home,
it gets dumped.
You will notice that a lot of things do not have a home...
therefore they are junking up my home...
that is getting on my nerves!

This room has become completely dysfunctional.
I can't scrapbook because the desktop and counter top
are covered up.
You can't walk across the floor because of all of the shipping boxes
that have just not made it out to the trash can.
(Why is that...oh wait, yeah...I'm LAZY)

But change is a comin'!
I have been working a little each day this week
on trying to get this space back under control.
Between laundry and every day life, I have not gotten very far.
You can see some of the counter tops again!

Unfortunately, I have a helper with me...
Today, he found the glitter...

So, there are still mountains to move before I can actually
get anything creative done in this space...
but what's the good of having a room that I can totally dedicate to
scrapbooks and not get a single page done!

Those green scrapbooks lined up on the desk above...
empty books to fill up with Austin's elementary stuff...
I have 1st grade almost complete...
he's about to finish 6th grade...

And Jackson....doesn't even have a SINGLE album done.
He will pull Austin's off the shelf and say
"Look at me...."
and I have to sadly tell him
"No.  That's Austin..."

So.....Now that gas has shot up to $3.25 a gallon...
I can't afford to go anywhere,
so maybe I can get this room organized...
and get some scrapbooks done.

So...I'm off to clean out some more...
if you don't hear from me in a day or two,
come look for me...

Monday, February 21, 2011


The vacation plans have begun!!!
Leisa just booked our house for our big
Birthday Trip to

we have talked about planning a trip together for years.
So we decided that there was no better way to swing into
my 40's
Leisa's 50's
than one big blow out bash in

This is our house that she has booked on Kauai!!!
I'm so excited I think I could scream!

Check out the ocean view from the living room!!!

And the BEACH
that is

I don't think I will mind turning 40 AT ALL
after this trip is over!

We still have lots of planning to do,
and money to save!
But the initial reservations have been made
(Squeeling with delight!!!!)

Our little adventure is going to be a blast!!!

Week 4 Challenge: Gift Wrap Station

Whoo Hoo...
It's Monday and this challenge is in the bag!

This week's challenge is a
Gift Wrap Station!

Some of you may have seen this before, but for those that have not....
here it is...
This just makes me a little happy!

I came up with an idea in my head to have a gift wrap cabinet.
I wanted to get a TV armoire have Scott
"fix it" for me.
So, I started searching Craig's List for my little dream in the making!
And this is what I found...

With everyone upgrading their TV's to flat screen's that do
not fit in these cabinets, you can usually find one pretty cheap.

So, after I found this one,  I sprung my
bright idea on Scott.
He refrained from telling me I was
completely out of my mind and simply replied,
"if that's what you want..."
It was around Mother's Day of last year, so this was my present!

So, one Saturday before a birthday party,
we headed over and picked it up.
It was suppose to rain that day, so my loving husband
wrapped it up in a tarp and loaded it on the trailer,
and off we went.
Then it was time to get this bad boy painted.

So, we painted and painted and painted...
well, I painted...
Scott painted and painted and painted...

And now it sits in my Scrapbook room.
I realize that having an entire cabinet full of wrapping paper 
is not a necessity,
but it sure makes it easy when it's time to wrap presents.
I used to run from one end of the house to the other
looking for the scissors that were used for a school project,
and the tape that was somewhere in the kitchen,
and then back under my bed for paper,
oh, and I think there was some tissue paper
in the buffet in the dining room!
So, to have it all in one place...
ahhh...makes me happy.

I got peg board hooks from Lowe's to
hang the rolls of curling ribbon on,
and also found the little baskets to hold ribbon shredders,
gift enclosure cards and paper cutters.
Tape and scissors have their own hook so they are
always in the same place.
Under the cabinet there are
baskets of bows and miscellaneous
ribbons and things to decorate packages.
There is a hook that I keep a stock of basic white gift bags from
the Dollar Store that I can just add some bright tissue paper
and a pretty bow of curling ribbon and we are good to go!

Scott made racks on the inside of the doors
that hold the wrapping paper.
He used dowl rods that can be pulled out from the top
when I need to remove or replace the rolls of paper.
I keep 8 rolls of paper,
2 that are specifically Christmas patterned
and then a solid red and green that coordinate
with the Christmas paper, but can be used for
general Birthday as well with just the change of
colors in ribbon.

I also have solid white for just about anything,
Baby Polka Dot paper that is light blue on one side
and pink on the other...
I also have a pretty "girly" paper to use to
wrap present s for friends...
and the sports balls are left over from
before...when that roll is done I'll probably get
another solid color paper.

I found this shoe rack at Bed, Bath and Beyond that
I use to hang tissue paper on...

Scott made this wrapping paper holder for me when I was pregnant
with Jackson...
we were sitting in the waiting room and I saw something
like it in a magazine.
I looked at him and said
"you could make that, couldn't you?"
He studied over it and said
"Yes, I can"
hee hee hee
so off he went to Lowe's.
He's so sweet...
This holds extra rolls and also
really TALL rolls of paper that I keep for
the big Christmas presents.

All my pretty little rolls of curling ribbon
hanging neatly on their hooks.

Lots of bows ready to be fluffed!
I have ordered all of my paper,
ribbon and bows from

They have tons of different packaging supplies.
Thousands of different papers, bags, fillers, boxes...
oh the list just goes on and on...
It's as much fun as shopping for office supplies!

I even have a stash of boxes on the bottom shelf that I picked
up at Wal-Mart after Christmas.

So, that is my little organized
Gift Wrapping Cabinet.

So since I have this challenge already done, I am suppose to pick
another area of my house to clean and organize.
So...I am going to turn to the other side of the room
and clean up my Scrapbook side of the room.

It may take me the rest of the week
(or month and next month)
but I'm going to get on it!
Unfortunately, the rest of the room is
even worse...
trying to keep it real and show you this side of the mess...
but there is a limit to
keeping it real...

So, hop on over to
and join in the fun!

I'm off to start cleaning out the Scrapbook side
of my room..
starting with replacing the light bulbs so I can see.

That is just sad...
When I was taking pictures I kept telling myself...
I am going to have to have Scott put in some can lights in here...
I can't see a thing.

Well...duh, when 3 out of the 4 bulbs are burned out...
now, where did I put the light bulbs!
Guess I better organize the Laundry Room next!!

Until next time...
Happy Organizing!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunshine in the Storms

Earlier this week I posted about a very
misguided man who did a terrible thing.
He is now sitting in a Lee County Jail
awaiting the punishment for is actions
But an amazing things has come out of this...
his actions have brought two of the most
bitter rivalries closer together.

Yesterday, 4 Alumni
from the University of Alabama
started a little Facebook page.
Tide for Toomer's

This was their letter to the Auburn Family:

As former students of the University of Alabama, we understand the importance of tradition. It is what binds past generations with those yet to come. The rolling of the trees at Toomer’s Corner is a unique and long-held tradition at Auburn University, and one that we grudgingly respect. We may not understand your rituals, but we have our own cherished traditions. And because of that, we support yours. We appreciate the culture of college football and have decided to take a stand.

The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is the best in all of sports. It makes the fall more interesting and enjoyable. We like taunting you, you enjoy poking fun at us, and even when it gets heated, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What we don’t like is when good-natured rivalry is taken too far. That’s exactly what happened when “Al from Dadeville” maliciously vandalized the 135-year-old oaks at Toomer’s Corner. Those oak trees have withstood hundreds of storms, numerous droughts and more than a few rolls of Charmin. You could say that they have been through and seen it all, and they are landmarks of our state. The trees were there long before “Al” was born, and presumably would have been there long after he is gone.

We want you to know that we do not accept what “Al” has done. There is simply no excuse for this type of abhorrent behavior. We strongly condemn his actions. And although he claims to support the University of Alabama, in no way does he represent us or our Alma mater.

As a token of good faith, we have established Tide for Toomer’s, a fund through which fans of the Crimson Tide can contribute money to Auburn University’s efforts to rehabilitate or replace the poisoned trees.

On behalf of Tide for Toomer’s and the Alabama Nation, we pledge to uphold and safeguard the traditions in this state by showing reverence for the greatest rivalry in sports. We ask that supporters of the University of Alabama join with us in contributing to Tide for Toomer’s. With this effort, we hope to prove that while our rivalry is strong, our mutual respect is even stronger.

Roll Tide!

Jennifer Hanson, Birmingham
Clay Loftin, Prattville
Taylor Nichols, Tuscaloosa
Gina Smith, Montgomery
Camaran Williams, Pell City

They didn't expect much, but wanted to show that there are
many classy Alabama fans that do not
support the actions of this man.
As of this morning there are almost
50,000 Fans
and their efforts have raised almost
that they are donating to Auburn University
in an effort to save the trees!
Isn't that amazing!
It is wonderful to see that people will still stand up for what is right!
And that one bad apple does not always spoil the bunch.
Now, I know that this will not end the rivalry,
and I know that at some point the smack talk will fly again...
but it's nice, for now...

While it is still unknown how long the trees will be there,
efforts are already underway to do all they can to save them.
And if the original trees are not there,
Alabama fans are doing what they can to help
us keep the tradition alive.
There are some that realize they are more than
"just trees"
they are part of Auburn's history,
and a symbol of the future.
A symbol of rising above.

So from this Auburn Fan,
Thanks Bama!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Now where did I put that...

I am still knocking away at my little organizing projects...
oh, who am I kidding...
I have BIG organizing projects!

I have laughed so much at myself since I began my
journey to get our house organized.
I laugh because there is a fine line between
becoming obsessive compulsive about organizing,
to hanging it all up and taking one step closer
to being on the next episode of Hoarders.
Or I may just have a severe case of ADD
(addictive decorating disorder)

Case in point...
this weeks challenge over at

This week the challenge was to create a
Recipe Binder.
I have needed to do this for a loooonnnnngggg time.
I am notorious for printing recipes off the Internet and
never getting around to keeping them in any kind of order.
I even started putting some of my favorites on
my little recipe blog
I say little, because I only managed to
put a handful of recipes on there.
I guess I thought if I could have one general spot on the
Internet to look them up, I'd be able to find
them when I needed them.
Except for the fact that I can't drag the computer
to the kitchen counter to read the recipe.

Well...the organizing has begun!
I got a binder and started printing off labels to
get all of those sheets of paper in some sense of order.

Here is where my organizing OCD comes in.
Hang with me for a minute...I'll get to the recipe binder...
While looking through all of the wonderful blogs out there
I am getting great ideas...
sometimes too many ideas...
One idea was how to make these shelves.

Cafe Shelving - 12 inch Deep

You can buy these lovely shelves

However, I don't have the $350 that I would need to
buy the three shelves that I want for my kitchen...
enter project 472 that I have added to
"Scott's To Do List"
You can see how to make your own
at a much less expensive price tag.
Go check it out

See I'm telling you....
LOTS of information and

So, while I was looking at these great shelves,
I spent some time looking around the web site
getting even more decorating ideas...
and found these
lovely little beauties

Lemon Halequin Scatter Rug
Click Here
to see these lovely rugs
from my new favorite catalog!

I think they would look really good in my kitchen...
(hint to mom...Scott...anyone...I have a birthday coming up...)

So back to the recipe binder...
I like things to match...
and I really like these rugs...

so guess what...

Awww Yeah!!
See what I mean...
I know...I've lost my mind.

It's all nice and lemon-y...

Oh yeah...and it's monogrammed...
a little more happiness!

I just love the black and white...
and it's stuffed full of wonderful recipes!!

(if you click the picture, it will enlarge and you can see
the different categories I chose)

When I was sorting through all of my pages,
I could not figure out the best way to categorize them.
So I have 4000 recipe categories,
and 8000 recipes that I have printed off.
Some that I found I have printed off more than once.
I bought some page protectors and am stuffing away!

The only problem is...
I think I am going to need another binder!

So I finally have a place to keep all of those recipes!
And I'm off to Staples to buy another binder...
Now I'm going to have to figure out how to separate out
those 4000 recipe categories.

one of these days...
I will be organized...

So go check out the rest of the
Recipe Binders at

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Roots of a Family Run Deep

In the center of town in the
Loveliest Village on the Plains
stands a mighty Oak Tree.

This corner has been the scene of Auburn victories
for many decades and has been said to be one of the greatest
traditions in college football.
After all football victories the trees on the corner of
College and Magnolia
turn from green to white...

This was a picture that was taken after Auburn brought
home the National Championship after their perfect season in 2010.

Today, the beloved trees at Toomer's
have a Tiger sized fight ahead of them.

On January 27th, someone who referred to himself as
"Al from Dadeville"
called into the Paul Finebaum talk radio show
and claimed that he has poisoned the trees at Toomer's.
He said exactly what he had used to poison them
and that they would be dead within a couple of months.
He claimed to have done this after Alabama's loss to Auburn
in the 2010 Iron Bowl.

Not much else was said about it, because really...
could someone be that mean?
That stupid?  That ridiculous?

The University took the comment seriously
and took soil samples the next day
and sent them off to be tested.

Yesterday the results came back and the worst was found to be true.
A herbicide that is commonly used to kill tress
out of fence rows was  found in the soil samples. 
Reports say that the amounts found in the samples ranged from
0.78 parts per million, which is considered to be a "very lethal does"
 according to the hortocultural department at the University,
to 51 parts per million...which is
65 times the lethal dose.

The trees will not likely survive.
The University is taking all measures
to save the trees which are believed to be
over 130 years old.
Unfortunately, this was not the first attack on the tree this year.
Earlier this season, after the Auburn/Georgia game,
someone tried to catch the toilet paper on fire...
I assume to catch the entire tree on fire.
While the fire did not take the trees,
this act just might, along with several other trees and shrubs
that are in the surrounding area.

Now, for those of you who may read this and are not
from the state of Alabama,
You may not understand the emphasis that is put
on Football...specifically
College Football.

Every year from the August to December...
divisions are made in this state...
One wears Crimson and White
the other
Orange and Navy Blue.
Some laugh and say that you are taught from birth
which colors you will choose, but whatever team
you pull becomes part of you.
Unfortunately, an extreme dislike for the other team becomes
part of the equasion for some.
This goes on year after year, but for some reason
this year seems to be worse.
In 2009, the University of Alabama's football program
was given the two top honors...
the Heisman Trophy
 and they won the National Championship.
They were on top of the world.
When the 2010 Football season one gave
Auburn a chance...
but the Tigers came out fighting!
They fought from behind and went on
to have a perfect season!!
Cam Newton was awarded the Heisamn Trophy.
We won the SEC Championship and then on to
the National Championship.

This had never been done in Football history.
Back to back Heisman Trophy winners
and back to back National Championships
in the same state!
What should have been a time of celebration and pride for
our state was anything but.

This entire season, the smack talk has flown on Facebook
and Twitter and around the water coolers at
offices around the state.
People have completely lost sight of what is important.
Many have lost sight of the Golden Rule...
While some can keep it a
"Friendly Rivalry"
too many have taken things too far..
meanspirited things said with no other purpose than
to simply cause the other to become angry...
completely loosing sight of what is important.
Which has absolutely NOTHING to do with football.
I have lost a lot of respect for some who can simply just not
keep their mouth SHUT!
At the end of the day, whether your team won or not the point!
I can guarantee you that when you stand before God
when your life is over,
He is not going to care if you are an Auburn or an Alabama fan!
However, He will care about how you conducted yourself and the
things you have said. 

Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel.
Phillipians 1:27

Now, people have even lost sight of the laws of the land.
This man who called in claimed to be an Alabama fan,
whether he is or is thing is clear,
the larger majority of the Alabama fans and especially the
Auburn Family,
think that the actions of this one man are
absolutely unacceptable.
There is an ongoing investigation into the poisoning.
The chemical used in the act is not readily available for
just anyone to is regulated by the EPA.
From what I hear, records are kept on who it is sold to an when.
So I have no doubt that whoever did this will be found.
He was dumb enough to call into a nationally syndicated
radio show and spout his mouth off,
so I'm sure he'll do it again.

This picture of Austin was taken after
Auburn's season opening win
to start the 2008 Football Season.
This is stil a fond memory of his.
One I hope he is able to do again.

I have no double the Auburn Family
is doing what it can to save these trees,
and if they are unable to survive,
I am sure the Auburn Family
for a new tradition.