Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!!!!

The holidays always seemed to be crammed packed with
lots of events and fun things to do as a family!
This year our festivities are going to have a wrench thrown into them
because Scott is suppose to be leaving town on the 30th
and not return
until December 23! 

He trip is still swinging in the balance,
because they are unsure when
the proposal will actually hit, but we are waiting...
impatiently...but waiting.

Today we decided to take the boys and head north for the day.
We headed to Nashville to see the
Opryland Hotel after being closed
for the last 6 months due to a Flood in May.
To see the horrible photos from the days after the flood
and then see the hotel today is just remarkable!
It's like it never happened!
The gardens are just beautiful and the hotel is still magnificent!

We started off the day at the ICE was 70 degrees outside,
and NINE degrees was COLD!!!

This year's theme was Santa Clause is Comin' to Town.

Jackson would not look at the camera to save his life...
too much to see.
Poor Austin has had  a camera in his face for the last 11 years,
I think he is a little tired of it!
Oh, and he's freezing to death!!

He did think the ice slide was pretty cool
and made a couple of runs down before he decided that
warmth was more important than fun
and we headed out.

One last stop to let Santa and Mrs. Clause know
we'd have our letters in the mail soon with
wishes from two sweet little boys!

We finally got this little one to hold still long enough
to get his picture made in front of a GIANT tree
in the Opryland Hotel.

Here is an overview of the Delta area in the hotel.
It's amazing how much work they were able to get done
in such a short amount of time.
But the hotel is back and better than ever!
So beautiful and grand.
I love coming here, especially at Christmas!

This was Austin's favorite spot in the hotel!
We jumped in for a few minutes to throw away about $5
and let the boys play a little and then we headed over to
Bass Pro Shop...
the only store that has reopened at Opry Mills.

Quick family picture in front of the fire at Bass Pro Shops.
Jackson was just about DONE by this point.
No nap and so much to see and do.
But he was a trooper and hung in with us until the end.

Then he made his Christmas Wish List...
that's all he wants...
But he'll be really happy with it!!!

We left Bass Pro and headed to the Galleria at Cool Springs.
We knew if we left for home at 5:00, Jackson would fall asleep
and then wake up about the time we got home
 and not want to sleep.
So we walked around the mall for a little while
and had some more fun!
Well...I had some more fun...
the boys might disagree.

But, now we are back home and getting ready for the rest of
our upcoming adventures...

We are heading over to see Scott's mom and dad tomorrow,
for a quick little trip and then back home tomorrow night.
Packing up Scott and Austin and sending them off
to Bear Creek at 6:45 Monday morning.
Austin has an overnight field trip with his class.
They are going to explore a cave, climb on high and low ropes and
then top off the adventure with rappelling on Tuesday morning.

If Scott's proposal has not hit by then,
we are heading off again...
not going to say where....
in case it falls apart...
but it's going to be fun!!!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and slows down
to take a minute to stop and be thankful for the many wonderful blessing we have.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We have been running ragged!!

Austin was able to get his cast off yesterday, but still has to wear a brace for
about three more weeks.  It's so nice to tell him to go get in the shower
and not have to wrap his arm up and make sure he doesn't get it wet!

The boys and I have all been sick with a cold.
I think they are on the mend...
I still sound like I smoke 3 packs a day.
I have to get better soon because next Monday,  Austin and I
leave for an overnight trip to Bear Creek!
Can you hear the excitement in my voice...
It really does sound neat for the kids.
Cave exploring, high ropes, rappelling and such.
But to me, it sounds too much like camping.
I don't do camping.

We are just trying to make it to the holidays!
So this has become our new motto...

I found this on another girl's blog...
you can visit it here

She has made up some cute signs like this that are from the
"Keep Calm and Carry On"
ones that you see everywhere.

I also have a book mark that says
"Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake"

Anyway, she had printed them off and used them as
Thanksgiving Decorations around her house.

So that's about it for now...
still behind on Christmas shopping and no pictures of the boys...
Although I need to sit them down and try to get a Christmas Card photo...
this outta be fun...NOT!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

50 Days 'Till Christmas!!!!


I am usually more prepared for the holidays by now,
but for some reason I am WAY behind on Christmas shopping!

Austin did sit down and start making a list the other day

First item on his list... iPad...
He started saving for one at his last birthday...
and he's held on to that big fat wad of cash since July.
I am proud of him for that!
He is usually like me...
in one hand and out the other!

So, I'm sure if Santa doesn't bring one...
(and Santa's not holding his breath on that one)
Austin will be adding cold, hard CASH to his wish list
so he can top off the piggy bank for this one!

Sad thing is...Jackson already knows how to use one, too.
He'll sit with Uncle Rick and play with his...
what ever happened to bicycles and blocks for Christmas?

Anyway...50 days!!!!
And yesterday my mailbox looked like this...

I love November!!!
I love spending the evenings when the boys are in bed
looking through all the mail order catalogs!
I may not order from half of them, but I love
to look through and get ideas!
Although, this year I may be ordering more than I have
in the past...
Scott is getting ready to travel and I'll be here with both boys!
I may need to call in some babysitting favors
in order to get things done!
(If my sweet, wonderful, best mother in the world isn't able
to come stay with me, hint, hint...nudge, nudge...)

Well, better get off of here and get shopping!!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little More Halloween Fun

We rounded out the Halloween weekend with a
little more fun!!!

The boys woke up to a gift from
the Great Pumpkin!!

I bought these cute buckets to fill with
a few goodies and later when
the boys are too big for them
I plan to use them on the porch to hold mums.
I thought they were pretty cute...
Scott just thinks I'm a little nuts...
but he loves me!

Austin was so sweet...he was waiting for Jackson to be up
and ready before he got into his bucket.
He wanted them to check them out together.

Jackson's bucket went along with his costume this year...
Mickey Mouse seek and find book and a coloring book!

Austin go a new Patriots Football and an iTunes gift card!

Athens did their Trick-or-Treating on Saturday night this year,
so we missed out by going to Nancy's party...which is our annual
Halloween tradition so we were right where we wanted to be!
But there was also a big football game on Saturday night as well...
Uncle Rick and Aunt Leisa stayed in to catch the game,
but missed seeing the boys.
So we got dressed up last night after church and headed
over to Trick-or-Treat with Aunt Leisa!

Aunt Leisa and the only little mouse she'll let in her house!

And with Austin-- who is almost as tall as Aunt Leisa...
Now THAT'S scary!!

Jackson finally warmed up to Austin's mask and would hold
it up to his face, but he wouldn't actually put it on...

So now we are done with Halloween!
Time to go and turn the Jack-o-lantern's on the porch around backwards
and make them just pumpkins...and hang my wreath on the door...
Now to get serious about some