Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunshine in the Storms

Earlier this week I posted about a very
misguided man who did a terrible thing.
He is now sitting in a Lee County Jail
awaiting the punishment for is actions
But an amazing things has come out of this...
his actions have brought two of the most
bitter rivalries closer together.

Yesterday, 4 Alumni
from the University of Alabama
started a little Facebook page.
Tide for Toomer's

This was their letter to the Auburn Family:

As former students of the University of Alabama, we understand the importance of tradition. It is what binds past generations with those yet to come. The rolling of the trees at Toomer’s Corner is a unique and long-held tradition at Auburn University, and one that we grudgingly respect. We may not understand your rituals, but we have our own cherished traditions. And because of that, we support yours. We appreciate the culture of college football and have decided to take a stand.

The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is the best in all of sports. It makes the fall more interesting and enjoyable. We like taunting you, you enjoy poking fun at us, and even when it gets heated, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What we don’t like is when good-natured rivalry is taken too far. That’s exactly what happened when “Al from Dadeville” maliciously vandalized the 135-year-old oaks at Toomer’s Corner. Those oak trees have withstood hundreds of storms, numerous droughts and more than a few rolls of Charmin. You could say that they have been through and seen it all, and they are landmarks of our state. The trees were there long before “Al” was born, and presumably would have been there long after he is gone.

We want you to know that we do not accept what “Al” has done. There is simply no excuse for this type of abhorrent behavior. We strongly condemn his actions. And although he claims to support the University of Alabama, in no way does he represent us or our Alma mater.

As a token of good faith, we have established Tide for Toomer’s, a fund through which fans of the Crimson Tide can contribute money to Auburn University’s efforts to rehabilitate or replace the poisoned trees.

On behalf of Tide for Toomer’s and the Alabama Nation, we pledge to uphold and safeguard the traditions in this state by showing reverence for the greatest rivalry in sports. We ask that supporters of the University of Alabama join with us in contributing to Tide for Toomer’s. With this effort, we hope to prove that while our rivalry is strong, our mutual respect is even stronger.

Roll Tide!

Jennifer Hanson, Birmingham
Clay Loftin, Prattville
Taylor Nichols, Tuscaloosa
Gina Smith, Montgomery
Camaran Williams, Pell City

They didn't expect much, but wanted to show that there are
many classy Alabama fans that do not
support the actions of this man.
As of this morning there are almost
50,000 Fans
and their efforts have raised almost
that they are donating to Auburn University
in an effort to save the trees!
Isn't that amazing!
It is wonderful to see that people will still stand up for what is right!
And that one bad apple does not always spoil the bunch.
Now, I know that this will not end the rivalry,
and I know that at some point the smack talk will fly again...
but it's nice, for now...

While it is still unknown how long the trees will be there,
efforts are already underway to do all they can to save them.
And if the original trees are not there,
Alabama fans are doing what they can to help
us keep the tradition alive.
There are some that realize they are more than
"just trees"
they are part of Auburn's history,
and a symbol of the future.
A symbol of rising above.

So from this Auburn Fan,
Thanks Bama!

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