Monday, February 7, 2011

Cleaning and Catching Up

Jackson and I have worked some more on the
Kitchen Computer desk project
that I started when I worked on my
Home Management Binder

It was a big ol' mess,
so it's taken a day or two...or six

but one reason it is taking me so long
is that Jackson thinks that it is
to stick his hand down in the trash can
of shredded paper,
throw it up in the air
and yell
Of course, then he says
"oh, I dess I have to get the backummme"

You would think that after we used the vacuum 12 times
today that we would have picked up all of those little pieces...
but no...there are still some there...

When I started reading

they were in the middle of a
21 day Challenge

I was way too late to even start to
catch up so I just thought I would
link up with the next challenge.
While I was looking at some of the
Home Management Binders that other had done,
I saw one where a lady had added the 21 Day Challenge
to her "To Do" list...
so I thought I would do the same.

So with my little project I have been working on,
I can now mark off...
Day 1 Junk Drawer (times 4)
Day 2 Computer Desk
Day 17 The Mail

Whoo Hoo!!!

For the challenge you were suppose to take a before and after picture...
I forgot  to take a before of these two drawers ...

but they looked pretty much like these two...

Let me tell you...that was a lot of
and I can now say that these two drawers
on the left hand side of the desk
are absolutely

The ones on the right
(in the first picture)
holds all of my note cards
and the other holds our
church directory and pens and stamps.

Have you taken time this week to send someone a note??
Me neither, but that is on the "to do" list tomorrow
since my desk is finally clean.

And last but not least...
this one is for you....

See, I do post sweet pictures of him
with his hair combed and in nice clothes
every once in a while...

Tomorrow we are going to get started on
the next weekly challenge.
It's a Launch Pad...
a place to keep all of your stuff that you
need as you are heading out the door...
backpacks, diaper bags, purse
shoes and what not...
I don't really have a spot like that...
but we'll see what we can come up with.

Good Night All

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