Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flying into a Big Boy Room

 The time has come for Jackson to move out of his baby furniture
and into a big boy room.
sniff sniff

He's almost as long as his baby bed and has
not really fit on his changing table since he was about
3 months old.
Tall child...very tall!

So it's time to say goodbye to the yellow!

Tonight Scott moved all of the furniture around...
the changing table has moved into our bathroom,
the rocker is in the living room,
and the baby bed, chest and train table are in
the middle of the room and he is working around them.
We have sold Jackson's furniture, but they do not need
it until June, so we are trying to get his big boy room ready to go!

Scott has been painting the furniture...

He made this bed for Austin when he was three.
And now that Jackson is about to turn three, we are passing it on to him.

The book shelf all painted and ready to fill up
with lots of books for
"bedtime stories"

The color in these pictures is off...the furniture is the same
color as the walls in the next photos.
It's a deep navy blue.

The cutting in has begun!
We are going to do something really fun in here.
Listen to me...We...I must be speaking French again.
Let me clarify...I came up with a great idea...that I sprung on Scott!
He agreed...not without a little complaining, though.
But in the end he went along with my idea and I am
VERY excited!
So after a little measuring tonight, he started painting!

One coat on top...
one more and it should be done!

And after two coats of blue,
it was time for the white...

It's coming along.
Now if we could just stay home long enough to get it done!
We have church every night this week,
next week is busy as can be,
and then Scott has some travel that is coming up...
I better get him to work!!
Ha Ha
Just kidding...
He's been working so hard and it is going to look
when his is done..
I can't wait!

You can also go back and see some of the details of
his new Big Boy Room
in this blog post
and you can also see where I got the inspiration
for his room at this great blog
The Thrifty Decor Chick

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