Friday, May 24, 2013

School is OUT for SUMMER!!!!

We made it through another year with flying colors!
Before Austin's last day, the calendar was FULL of last minute
stuff to do...

Austin had his Awards Day last week
and he took home the 
President's Academic Award.
This is an award from the President
of the United States to students that test 
in the 85th percentile or higher on their
standardized test and maintain an A average
over the last three years through
6th, 7th and 8th grade.

He seemed less than excited...
hee hee hee
While he was not excited,
we were very proud of his accomplishments.

The same week,
Jackson has his big Kindergarten interview.
He was excited!
He was telling me that now that he is 5
it's time for him to go to school.

Marching up to the front door,
ready to go...

He waited patiently outside his new
Kindergarten room until Mrs. Nave was
ready for him.

While we waited, our friend, Mrs. Davis
was subbing in the Science room across the hall.
She brought Jackson in her room and showed him the fish...

and the turtles...he was having a lot of fun.

Then he headed across the hall to see Mrs. Nave and 
show her what all he could do...
he was acting a little silly and didn't show her what all he could do,
but I think he is going to be just fine next year...
I hope...

Austin and his friend, Andrew, had a cooking presentation
they had to do in their Young Living class.

Before they cooked for the class,
they practiced at home.

The boys decided on a breakfast menu.
Austin cooked an omelet and Andrew cooked Sausage. 

They both did a really good job!

I was a pretty proud Momma when he fixed his
omelet...Ham, cheese and onion Omelet...YUM!

Andrew cooked up a yummy batch of sausage
and we had breakfast!

They did a great job and only had one point taken off
because we forgot to put a stick of butter in Austin's supplies so
he had to run and ask Mrs. Flossie for some butter from 
the kitchen...
They fixed enough sausage and omelets for 
their entire class to have a taste.
They have been doing this all month long.
They have had lots of yummy food to try 
while everyone was working on their cooking skills.

We rounded out the end of the year with a 
class cook out last night
at Big Spring Park
down town.

Austin and the guys getting up a quick game of tough football...

The dad's got to grilling!

And eventually their entire class joined in on the game...
boys and girls!

They had a great time and it was a great end to a great year!

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