Saturday, May 23, 2009

School's Out For Summer!!!!

Austin had his end of the year party yesterday so he is (un)officially OUT!!! The higher grades have to go back next week for semester tests but the younger kids are done and grades are in so the teachers said they do not have to come back. He is ready for lots of fun this summer! Cub Scout Day Camp, Vacation Bible School, and one pretty cool vacation are on the books!! Here are a couple of snap shots from Awards Day and the party!

Austin getting his award for all "A's" this year. Coach Duke was giving out all of the awards this year.

Austin and Mrs. Stanford. She has been their teacher's assistant for the last two years. She has been a lot of fun and great for the kids.

Here is Austin and Miss Robinson. He wouldn't let me take their picture on the first day of school but he gave in and let me take it on the last day of school!

This was the BEST cookie. We have a new Nestle Toll House in town and they make GIANT cookies.... it was sooo yummy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trip to Oakville Indian Mounds

During the year the fourth grade has been studying a lot about the Indians that lived in Alabama. Miss Robinson took the fourth grade to Moulton, Alabama on a field trip to see some of the historic Indian burial mounds that were found there many years ago. Hope you enjoy the pictures. All of the kids had a great day. It wasn't too hot, we did get rained on for a minute but it passed very quickly and then we were back at it. We even ran into Austin's cousins on trips with their school!

Thursday Morning Sleepover Report

After checking in with Mama this morning Jackson is doing well! She said he only cried out once but didn't wake up! That's my good sleeping little boy!!!

Austin is missing him terribly. On our way home last night we heard a big sigh from the back seat and when we asked Austin what was wrong he replied "I sure miss that little guy"

We are off on our field trip so we'll have pictures later... it should be a beautiful day for a field trip! And to spend with great Grandparents!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jackson's First Sleepover

Austin's class was going on a Field Trip so Jackson needed a place to stay! So we asked Mama and Papaw if they would mind watching Jackson for us. After a lot of begging and pleading they eventually gave in....HA... there was no begging!! They jumped at the chance to take him in! We got him all set up and after a little play time he was ready for some cereal and bed.

Jackson said he liked this bed the best! He would act like he was going to crawl off the other side and just before he would get to the edge Papaw would pull him back. After a few times he would stop at about the same place and look back over his shoulder as if to say "are you giong to pull me back?"

All set up in the back room and ready to go!

Papaw was nervous that he might cry when we left so "Operation distract Jackson" was put into place. They were back to Mama's room to play on the bed again!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time For a Big Boy Haircut

Well, the time had come for Jackson to get his first Big Boy haircut. Daddy had heard him called a girl for the last time! So it was off to see Mrs. Kathy to get his first trim.

He was not shy at all and was looking at everything around. Making eyes at all the other girls in the shop. And then it was time to sit in the chair like a big boy.

There goes his sweet little curls. His hair did not curl as much as Austin's did but you could make it curl if you twisted it just right. His cute little blonde curls are all gone with one little sip of the razor!!

Here he is with his new Big Boy hair!!! Isn't he just the most handsome little boy!!
I do have to admit he looks pretty good!!!

Here we are posing with his certificate from his First Hair Cut for his scrapbook!!
Austin was our little photographer while Jackson got his hair cut. Jackson never even shed a tear!! It was wonderful!!