Saturday, February 12, 2011

Around the World and Back

Well...not really.
Just across North Alabama and back.

We headed out this morning to pick up Austin's furniture.
We picked it up and grabbed a bite to eat and headed home to unload.
This was not easy...
it was heavy!

Austin is very excited!

He and Scott got right to work setting it all up.

The more furniture they brought in, the more nervous I got...
Austin's room is not that big and his furniture is

Jackson even got in on the action and tried to tighten a bolt or two.

Finally, we have some drawers to store things in.
For the last three years, he has had to keep all of his
socks and things in a plastic storage cart in his closet...
it was not working out very well.

It's a tight leaving the drawers open or he can't
walk around to the other side of the bed.
We knew it was going to be a tight squeeze,
but wanted to get him a set that will (hopefully) last him
through college.  Something that he can take with him
and use until his wife comes in and decorates her own house!

Austin doesn't spend a lot of time in his room.
He likes to hang out downstairs so I don't think it bothers him that
it's a little tight.

We need to shop for a nice lamp to put on his new nightstand.
We also have to shop for him some sheets, mattress pad and a comforter
He was so funny tonight, he wanted to sleep on it sooo bad.
So he has two king size on the mattress and the other covering him,
and his twin size comforter on top,
and his Auburn snuggie as his blanket.

He brought in his chair and Auburn lamp to make it feel
a little more like home.
He grabbed a few of his Auburn throw pillows and was ready to lounge.
And yes...he's already gotten a lecture about that cup on his nightstand.
(even though it's a Tervis cup, so it won't sweat or leave a ring...
 I didn't tell him that...just told him that was out of the question!)

So now, we just need to finish hanging is things back on the wall.
We waited for the walls to dry another day before we hung his
shelves and things.  Hopefully, we'll get it all put
together and he will feel right at home.

And then next week, I can get back to getting organized!
This week just spun out of control and the only thing
I was able to clean out was my
Utensil Caddy

On Friday
had a little link up for how to store your utensils.
I keep mine in an Arthur Court grape patten Crock.
Thanks Mom, you're the best!
It was fun to look at all of the ways everyone stores their
things...I got a few ideas that I think
I am going to add to my kitchen too.

With the call of Austin's incoming furniture this week, I didn't
get to join in with the weekly challenge.  But I'm up for it on Monday!
This week was just a little crazy to say the least.
Hopefully, I can get the house back in order this week.
It was funny, because Jackson kept walking around saying
"I wike the paint...I want to paint my room too!"
Hang in there buddy, your room is next!
I was able to pick up a few thing for his room on my
Kid Free Shopping Trip
(can you tell I am still excited about those
2 1/2 wonderful hours)
Don't get me wrong...I love my boys...
but man can I move and find some bargains when it's just me!
I was able to get his airplane prints framed and the frames I found
at Hobby Lobby were 1/2 price last week...
I also found some cute little things on the clearance isle to use
around the room...I had a little fun showing them to Scott and
watch the look of confusion on his face.
I found some number hooks that I thought would be cute, and at
$2.10 each they were a steal...but they are
light pink, light blue and lavender.
I am going to spray paint them to match...
if it ever warms up around here!
Scott was funny, cause he looked at them and said
hee hee hee
I filled him in so he didn't think I was completely crazy!
I could see him thinking,
"how do those colors go with
anything in his room?" 

Well...I'm off to bed.
It's been a long day!

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