Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 4 Challenge: Gift Wrap Station

Whoo Hoo...
It's Monday and this challenge is in the bag!

This week's challenge is a
Gift Wrap Station!

Some of you may have seen this before, but for those that have not....
here it is...
This just makes me a little happy!

I came up with an idea in my head to have a gift wrap cabinet.
I wanted to get a TV armoire have Scott
"fix it" for me.
So, I started searching Craig's List for my little dream in the making!
And this is what I found...

With everyone upgrading their TV's to flat screen's that do
not fit in these cabinets, you can usually find one pretty cheap.

So, after I found this one,  I sprung my
bright idea on Scott.
He refrained from telling me I was
completely out of my mind and simply replied,
"if that's what you want..."
It was around Mother's Day of last year, so this was my present!

So, one Saturday before a birthday party,
we headed over and picked it up.
It was suppose to rain that day, so my loving husband
wrapped it up in a tarp and loaded it on the trailer,
and off we went.
Then it was time to get this bad boy painted.

So, we painted and painted and painted...
well, I painted...
Scott painted and painted and painted...

And now it sits in my Scrapbook room.
I realize that having an entire cabinet full of wrapping paper 
is not a necessity,
but it sure makes it easy when it's time to wrap presents.
I used to run from one end of the house to the other
looking for the scissors that were used for a school project,
and the tape that was somewhere in the kitchen,
and then back under my bed for paper,
oh, and I think there was some tissue paper
in the buffet in the dining room!
So, to have it all in one place...
ahhh...makes me happy.

I got peg board hooks from Lowe's to
hang the rolls of curling ribbon on,
and also found the little baskets to hold ribbon shredders,
gift enclosure cards and paper cutters.
Tape and scissors have their own hook so they are
always in the same place.
Under the cabinet there are
baskets of bows and miscellaneous
ribbons and things to decorate packages.
There is a hook that I keep a stock of basic white gift bags from
the Dollar Store that I can just add some bright tissue paper
and a pretty bow of curling ribbon and we are good to go!

Scott made racks on the inside of the doors
that hold the wrapping paper.
He used dowl rods that can be pulled out from the top
when I need to remove or replace the rolls of paper.
I keep 8 rolls of paper,
2 that are specifically Christmas patterned
and then a solid red and green that coordinate
with the Christmas paper, but can be used for
general Birthday as well with just the change of
colors in ribbon.

I also have solid white for just about anything,
Baby Polka Dot paper that is light blue on one side
and pink on the other...
I also have a pretty "girly" paper to use to
wrap present s for friends...
and the sports balls are left over from
before...when that roll is done I'll probably get
another solid color paper.

I found this shoe rack at Bed, Bath and Beyond that
I use to hang tissue paper on...

Scott made this wrapping paper holder for me when I was pregnant
with Jackson...
we were sitting in the waiting room and I saw something
like it in a magazine.
I looked at him and said
"you could make that, couldn't you?"
He studied over it and said
"Yes, I can"
hee hee hee
so off he went to Lowe's.
He's so sweet...
This holds extra rolls and also
really TALL rolls of paper that I keep for
the big Christmas presents.

All my pretty little rolls of curling ribbon
hanging neatly on their hooks.

Lots of bows ready to be fluffed!
I have ordered all of my paper,
ribbon and bows from

They have tons of different packaging supplies.
Thousands of different papers, bags, fillers, boxes...
oh the list just goes on and on...
It's as much fun as shopping for office supplies!

I even have a stash of boxes on the bottom shelf that I picked
up at Wal-Mart after Christmas.

So, that is my little organized
Gift Wrapping Cabinet.

So since I have this challenge already done, I am suppose to pick
another area of my house to clean and organize.
So...I am going to turn to the other side of the room
and clean up my Scrapbook side of the room.

It may take me the rest of the week
(or month and next month)
but I'm going to get on it!
Unfortunately, the rest of the room is
even worse...
trying to keep it real and show you this side of the mess...
but there is a limit to
keeping it real...

So, hop on over to
and join in the fun!

I'm off to start cleaning out the Scrapbook side
of my room..
starting with replacing the light bulbs so I can see.

That is just sad...
When I was taking pictures I kept telling myself...
I am going to have to have Scott put in some can lights in here...
I can't see a thing.

Well...duh, when 3 out of the 4 bulbs are burned out...
now, where did I put the light bulbs!
Guess I better organize the Laundry Room next!!

Until next time...
Happy Organizing!


  1. WOW!!! That is really neat and something that would have never thought of. Great Job!

  2. This is totally sweet!!! I wish I had room, what a fabulous idea. I must also say (being from a drag racing family) I like the old Chevy truck and vette in the garage! Keep the great ideas coming you offer real inspiration.

  3. I totally LOVE your gift wrap armoire! Great Job!

  4. THIS is awesome, and totally doable...I am going to keep an eye out at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore for something like this. This is why I love these challenges...I LOVE getting inspired by the ideas of others! Great job!

  5. SWOON!!! I LOVE your gift wrap armoire! I especially love your supplies and how well you've got them organized. So awesome!

  6. You got me eyeing my TV cabinet now (cause we still have an old TV). HE HE...HE HE.... But... I did get a smaller cabinet that is in the garage and it would totally work for this sort of thing. Awesome job and Good Eye!

  7. Wow...your gift wrapping station is really nice. I like that it is a piece of furniture that you can close up and it is still part of the room. :) Sue

  8. very nice job of the gift wrap station:)!

  9. Sandra, I choose your station to feature on my blog tomorrow. Dont forget to grab a feature button. Congrats! You did awesome.

    A Bowl Full of Lemoms

  10. This is SO BEAUTIFUL! I had attempted to make my gift wrap station and nothing was working out. I was really discouraged, but this helped a lot! Thank you for the inspiration!
    Jennifer B.

  11. Ummm.... WOW!!! I don't know what else to say! I absolutely adore your new wrapping station. What a creative use of an "oldie." :o) I am going to go on the hunt for one myself now. Wondering what your "search parameters" were on Craigslist and what a good price would be - since you have "been there/done that" and we live in the same general area (I am in West Central GA).

    I am running a series for 2011 on my blog about organizing. You can see my "studioffice" at this link , but please promise you won't judge. LOL! It is a MESS.

    I need a wrapping station, a station for all of my stamping and scrapbook supplies, and a lot more. You have mind swirling with ideas!


    Katie Burke

  12. Hey Katie...
    I hope you see this, I've never gotten to "respond to a comment" before. HA... You sweet ladies are giving me a big head about my little cabinet. I assure you this is the exent of my organizing genius! It's all downhill from here!! I'm working on it though! I

    I just searched for TV Armoire' and TV cabinet in the furniture section. I found mine for about $100. I peeked on Craig's List in my area before posting this and there were several that ranged from as little as $30 up to $300. I guess it's just one of those things you have to keep an eye out for.

    Thanks for all of the sweet comments, they just made my day!

  13. This is absolutely amazing. It's just the project I need since I want to start gift wrapping professionally. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

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  15. I LOVE your gift wrap station! Brilliant idea using an old tv armoire. I get all my gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbons, and boxes from Box and Wrap. You might want to check out their site. Thanks again for sharing your great idea!!!

  16. I absolutely love your gift wrap station!!!!

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