Saturday, February 5, 2011

So Happy....

It's the WEEKEND!!!!
While I still have a few more things to wrap up my little
organizing project in the kitchen...

It is pretty much
wrapped up!

Thanks to my Handy Helper

Aunt Leisa this picture is for you!!
Lovin' the hair and safety goggles...

The weather man has given ice and snow
twice this week and we have missed it
on both occasions...
which is fine with me!

If Scott can get away from
an all day tele-con
that he was "invited" too last night at 8 pm
we are going to run out and see if we
can find a chest for Jackson's room.

I jokingly told Scott he ought to
 "Respectfully Decline"
the invitation...
ha ha
but I know it's what put's a roof over our head...
so we'll just have to see how the morning goes.

We are getting ready for our next little weekly challenge
over at

A Bowl Full of Lemons

and guess what

hee hee
Toni liked my little binder,
she even put it on her blog...

check me out...
although that is what I'm afraid of...
everyone checking out my organizing progress
and then reporting me to be on the next episode of
Well, off to get some clothes out of the dryer...
you know...
the week's worth that I ignored
while organizing my kitchen desk.
Baby steps...
one day at a time...

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