Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hold on to you seats...

It's fixing to get busy around here...

We got a call on Tuesday that Austin's furniture is IN!!!
We have no bedding...nothing...

and Austin really wants his room repainted!
YIKES!!! plans to participate in this weeks challenge at
just wasn't going to happen...
maybe next week I'll catch up!
I did start to think about organizing our Launch Pad...
I was able to get out for about 2 1/2 hours Tuesday night...
to shop without kids
Let me tell you, I can get a whole lot of shopping done
in a short amount of time
when I'm not dragging my kids along with me!
It was wonderful!!!
So I did buy a couple of things to get my project done...
just didn't think this was the week to destroy my hall closet!
So check back...I'll try and get that one caught up!

Cause right now my foyer looks like this

Austin's room is completely EMPTY!
We had another snow day here in
North Alabama...
I know, we think it's weird too.
This is the fourth big snow...
well, big enough to stop us from going snow.
Several schools in our area are having to make up
days during spring break and losing holidays,
like President's Day
to make up for snow days.
It's CRAZY...
about as crazy as people drive around here when it snows.
SO...when Scott was not able to make it in to work today,
we took the opportunity to get it done.

We loaded up everything and took down his furniture!
It has now moved downstairs to be painted for
Jackson's new Big Boy Room!!

So when everything was emptied out..

We loaded up and headed to the paint store...
we decided on a Sherwin Williams color...

Lazy Gray

We loaded up with two gallons and some supplies,
grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.

Once we were home...I had Jackson detail,
and the boys started to paint.
Austin helped out with some of the cutting in and
painted around all of his outlets.
And now at 10:30 pm Scott almost has one coat
on all the walls.

So, Scott's plan is to get one coat on tonight.
Get up and put the second coat on in the morning...
and head to Dogtown to pick up his furniture
bright and early Saturday morning.
Come home and set it all up
and be good to go!
So, hopefully some time in there I can find a few
minutes to run and buy the poor thing some sheets
for his new bed!
For the next few days we are a little
unorganized and totally confused.
Austin is asleep on the couch as I type and
Jackson is asleep in our bed because his room,
which is attached to Austin's with a Jack-and-Jill bath
stunk like paint...
We cracked a window and put in a fan to hopefully draw out
the lovely smell of paint...we'll see...I think it's helping! room underway...
I was also able to finish picking up the final touches
for Jackson's Big Boy Airplane room.
We will start that project sometime after next week.

On Monday, my Father-in-Law is having back surgery.
So no big projects next week...keeping the days open just in case
they need us.
Say a little prayer that his surgery is a success.

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