Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is Finally Here!

Fall is finally here!!!
It has been so hot here this summer,
I have been dreaming of the days starting out
cool and ending with a crisp bite in the air.

 Fall actually arrived this past Saturday,
but our weekends are pretty crazy around here,
so I didn't have time to turn around before it was over.

I couldn't resist the dried corn and cute little tiger pumpkins
at the grocery store this weekend.
I grabbed a bunch of flowers while I was there 
and decided to throw together a quick table.

And apparently when you 'throw together'
a table, you forget that you need silverware!

I had found this table cloth with a beautiful mix
of fall colors at Old Time Pottery this summer.
When it was 114 degrees outside, it was hard to think of fall
but, I am glad I grabbed it.

I just laid out the pumpkins and corn on the table..
nothing fancy...just keeping it simple.

I also found these pumpkin salad plates this past summer
at Old Time Pottery as well...
for $1.00

I also received a little package in the mail
this past week...
they are suppose to be a Christmas present...
but they had to be opened to make sure they were
not broken, right?

So, hopefully we'll be able to find a few minutes to 
sit down with the boys and have a meal together.

I just love all of the colors of fall...

I am looking forward to trips to the 
pumpkin patch...pumpkin bread...
cool nights...sweaters...

Halloween is right around the corner,
and I am looking forward to enjoying every minute of
family fun with the boys that I can squeeze in!

Come and join us...
we'd love to have you.

Hop on over to Susan's at
and check out a lot more Fall Tablescapes
this week for Tablescape Thursday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Froofing up For Fall!

We had the most beautiful weekend...
a cool snap in the air...
College Football on Saturday...
Fall is almost here and I can't wait!

This morning after my little walk on the treadmill
I decided to get a little crafty.
I can't decide if it's the change in the season
or was a lack of oxygen flowing to my brain
but I decided to whip up a little 
wreath for fall.

(sorry for the funny looking photos...
iPhone..I was.too lazy to walk upstairs 
and get my good camera...)

I had bought some burlap ribbon in natural and a deep sage green
and a wire wreath from a local floral and design store in town.

I just gathered it together and then tied the little wires around the ribbon 
and then set in to froofing....
My burlap ribbon has a wired edge so it was easy to twist and
turn and fluff into the spot I wanted it to go.

Then I added a couple of little simple fall pics from the
Dollar Tree
and there you have it!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gettin' Organized...

One of my favorite organizing blogs is
and starting today Toni is starting a 14 week
program to help us get our houses in tip top shape and 
get us all organized!

She has typed us up a schedule of the different areas to tackle 
around our house for the challenge.

and get ready to get your organization on!

This week is the Kitchen.
She could not have picked a better place to start,
cause right now, 
my kitchen is a MESS!


So be sure to check back and see what I can get done
and check out others that are joining in the fun...