Saturday, February 14, 2009

We FINALLY Got One!!!

Can you see it?? It's really there...barely...but it's there...we FINALLY have a tooth!!! Whoo hoo!! Enlarge the photo and look there on the's there!! Just barely, but it's there!! We are 10 months old and we finally have a tooth! We kept laughing saying that since Austin keeps loosing them that eventually Jackson would find one. Austin has about 5 teeth out right now and another one that Dr. Beitel told him to work on the other day at the dentist. He got a good cavities!
Jackson looks like he is working on a few more teeth but we'll just have to see. We have been saying we think he is getting teeth since he was about 3 months old and they never showed up so these may wait another few months as well.

Friday, February 6, 2009

You Are Never Too Old To Get In Trobule With Your Mother

I tell you what, try to have a little fun and I got in trouble...she didn't want a picture of him crying. He was crying for her!! Anyway, here are a shots of the boys having fun the other night.

Jackson loves him some crackers!! And they wind up all over his face...his chair...the floor...he loves his crackers!

Jackson loves scooting up and down the hardwood floors. Since he won't actually crawl on all fours he slides that big ol' belly right across the floor faster than you can imagine.

Here are the boys before bedtime. Austin would roll a ball across the floor and Jackson would slide across to get it. They were having a lot of fun. Then Scott came to get Jackson for his bowl of cereal before bed and they decided to make a tower of boys!!!

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Last Saturday, Austin's Cub Scout pack had their annual Pine Wood Derby at school. The week before Scott spent several late nights trying to make the fastest car he could. I don't want to think how much that car wound up costing...but it was worth it in the end because they came in second place!!! We were all so excited. Poor Austin had been in the top 10 the last few years and always received awards for his design and paint job but never for speed and this was his year. He came in second by .09 seconds... not too bad. He was so excited to get his trophy and now we are on to the district race!

Here is a picture of all of the cars...all of the boys did a good job with the designs of their cars

Here are the boys in Austin's den ready to race...Sammy, Colton, Cody, Austin, Andrew and Chase.

Here are Austin and Chase showing off their trophies. Chase came in first with his Gold Nugget Car!

And here is our little champion... he was so excited... i think he was almost in tears. But we had given him a pretty good talk about sportsmanship before the race so he was holding back the temptation to jump for was his daddy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Want My Nana!!!!

Nana has been after me to post some new pictures so here it is....
Hee hee hee

I do have some more pictures to post of Austin and his pinewood derby last Saturday and other funny shots of the boys hanging out around the house but right now, I am going to bed. Check back later.