Thursday, March 3, 2011

Letting the Sun Shine IN!!

Today is an absolutely GORGEOUS day!!!
I have every window in the house open that can be opened!
There is a wonderful breeze blowing and
it's putting me in the mood to do some
Spring Cleanng!

I have found the first thing I do not like about
Austin's new furniture...
it really shows DUST...
and I don't like to dust!

Oh well...if he was tall enough to dust it himself, I would
get him to do it...maybe he will hit a growth spurt.

Switching gears...
Monday the challenge at
was a kitchen chalenge.
So today I worked a little bit more on my
little project.

I don't know why I chose which drawer
 in my kitchen would hold what,
but I had all of my wraps and sandwich bags
 in the drawer right next to my sink.

And I had my kitchen towels in the drawer
on the opposite side of
the kitchen...farthest away from the sink...
make sense? neither!

So, Jackson and I emptied out both drawers...
gave them a good vacuum...
and sorted through and cleaned out!

So, do you think I have enough kitchen towels...
and yes... you had to hold your tongue just right
and try not to scrape the top of your knuckles off to get
the drawer shut.
I sorted through and set several aside for Scott
to use downstairs and just kept the newest ones
for use in the kitchen.

And now...

The towels are beside the sink...
you know...where you need them!
and the wraps and bags are on the other side.

All cleaned out with room to spare!
Whoo Hoo!!
It's the little things in life sometimes.

I also cleaned out a corner of this cabinet to put
my knives in.
There is a little someone in the house
who has learned to use his step stool to reach
little things he should not!
So up in the cabinet they went...
along with my recipe binder!

I got the counter top all cleared off...

I even cleaned off the little window shelf
and put all of those dity dishes in the dish washer!!

Whoo Hoo!
Scott won't know where he is when he comes home.

Well, that's about all I had time for today...
I have been washing all of Jackson's bedding today.
We hope to get his room finished this weekend.

Until next time...
hoping wherever you are that you were able
to open your windows and let the
sun and breeze blow in!

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