Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm Still Here...

I think!
We have been so busy since school has been out but at
the same time we have not gotten a thing done!

Austin has been to camp twice and I 
think most of his summer running is over!

On Sunday, June 30th we took him
to Camp Boxwell in Lebanon, Tennessee for 
Boy Scout Camp.

Loading up the car before church...he was so 
excited that I was taking his picture every step of the way!

We met the rest of his troop and drove up to Boxwell
and dropped him off for the week.

They were getting all of their gear together and meeting
"Mongoose" their site manager for the week.

We followed them down to camp.
He was even MORE excited that I kept taking photos...
hee hee hee...He only thought he was getting rid of 
me for the week!
Jackson had fun checking out their tent and seeing where we
were sending his big brother off to for the week.

We decided to stay and watch the boys take their swimming 
test.  Each boy has to jump in and swim certain distances
to see if they are a non-swimmer, beginning swimmer or full swimmer.

Austin had told us before he waked to the docks that
he was not going to try the swim test and just be a 
non-swimmer this week.  We tried to talk him into
trying, but we were not getting very far...
but he jumped in and did the entire test!
Full Swimmer for the week!
Whoo Hoo!

We watched until he got his arm band with the other
boys and then Scott, Jackson and I headed home.

We returned back on Friday, July 5th to pick him up!
I was so happy to see my little camper!
We decided against staying for the closing campfire.

It had been raining for two days straight and there
was more rain on the way.

Austin had a lot of fun, but was ready to come home
at the same time!  He told us stories all the way home about 
what happened this year at camp.
Great summer memories made indeed!