Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do you know the number...


Yeah...I didn't know it either...

But I do NOW!!!

This little one found some
but "it didn't taste good"
Candy...what candy???

(like that big ol' mess going on in the background...
that was when mom and I took on cleaning out all of my kitchen cabinets
at the same time...should have just done one at a time...
but they are all blissfully clean now!!)

In the end we do not think he ever actually ingested anything
but it sure scared the fire out of me!!!
The lovely lady at Poison Control was very helpful...
she was calm and caring and  talked me
through everything...
and her final conclusion was
to just watch him
and give him a snack
and she'd call me back and check on him.

Which she did two hours after I called her...
and then two hours later
and I told her he was sound asleep and doing fine.
She kindly told me to give them a call anytime I needed them...
ummm...thank you but I hope I
have to call them again....ever!

So today's project is going to be printing off a list
of all emergency numbers and placing them beside
every, single phone in the house...

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