Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

This is where I wish I was for New Year's Eve....
sigh...I can hear the ocean now....
It is warm enough outside for us to be at the beach!
The car said it is 67 degrees outside..
weird for the 31st of December...
even in Alabama.

but I am here, with my two little boys, watching movies!
That's as good as the beach...

Scott is still on travel.
This will be the first time we have not been together
on New Year's Eve in
17 years...
although his job is keeping us apart,
we are thankful he has employment!
There are so many in our area that have been laid off after
years of service, so we will make it through this time apart
and be sure to cherish each other a little bit more
when we are all back together!

Until then, I have got to get this house back in order!
The holidays are always so hectic and we seems to just

Scott had asked me to start making a list of
"Honey Do's" for him when his proposal is over...
I plan on taking this opportunity to get us
cleaned out and organized!

So...this is my motto for
I am planning on going room by room.
We are getting ready to do a bedroom shake-up!
We have been looking for new furniture for Austin
which means that Jackson will get his old furniture...
which means....
Boys room clean out and shape up!!!
So maybe if I put it out there that this is my plan...
maybe someone will keep me accountable
and keep asking me...
"How's the organization going?"

So here's to being organized in 2011...
which will hopefully bring
happiness and harmony to our little home!

Best Wishes for a
Happy and Healthy New Year

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A White Christmas!!!

We woke up this morning to


Austin came into our room at 7 AM...
announced that Santa had stopped by for a visit last night...
could we please wake up Jackson...
because if we had to wait on him to wake up on his own it would be
10 o'clock...
which he's right...
Jackson likes to sleep like me!

Oh yeah, and check out the


He yanked open the blinds and there was
the most beautiful blanket of snow.
And it was still coming down in buckets!!!

Snow just makes everything so beautiful.
The trees were just beautiful!
Everything looked so clean and calm...
and outside was so quiet!

But was time to get down to business!!!

Santa came by to leave the boys a few gifts...

Austin got some new video games and
Grandpa-Claus brought him a new Bass Guitar and Amp

Jackson got a new Tricycle and Helmet.

Santa stuffed their stockings with some candy
and a new tooth brush...

Jackson was so excited to see his new tricycle...
although he's not quite awake just yet....

Austin on the other hand, has this Christmas morning thing DOWN!!
Show some love to Santa...and then to the tree!!!

Jackson still needed a little direction...
he didn't realize there were goodies down in his stocking...
he wanted to get back to his tricycle!

Keeping an eye on the weather...
trying to figure out if we are going to be able to make it
Over the River and Through the Woods
to Mama and Papa's

Jackson opening his first present...
He still does not quite get the whole idea...
he would open a present, turn to us and say
"I want to pway with it"
so we would start to take it out of the box...
he would wait...
we'd try to get him to open something else...
and he would reply...
"NOOOOO, I want to pway with THAT one..."

And that's what he would do...
Stop and Play...

This is why he still has
FOUR presents to UNWRAP!!!!
Silly little boy!

I got right to work opening my presents...
Lots of Pandora lovelies for ME!!!

There was one last gift to open...
but it didn't have a name on it...
so Scott told Austin he could open it and then
we would figure out who it belongs too.
At this point, I start he knows it is his...
So he opened the big box, only to find another smaller wrapped present inside.

Oh's wrapped AGAIN...
oh, and it's taped with packing tape...
over every surface from which to tear paper from...
He finally figures out how to get the packing tape off
only to find...
OH YES....It's Wrapped AGAIN!!!!
and's sealed with packing tape too!!!
At this point he starts laughing and says
Nope...not kidding...this is really fun for me...
Austin...yeah... not so much!
Hee Hee

He's got it now...
and he sees the little Apple
on the top of the box...

Oh Yeah....
He has now declared this the

Austin got his big Christmas Wish...
an iPad...

This year was not without it's glitches...
Grandpa came to pick up Nana last Monday...
and then was sick by Wednesday...
and Jackson was at the Dr. on Wednesday...
with what we are still not sure...
so Steven, Alicia and Conner were not able to come
and celebrate with us...
Grandpa didn't feel well enough to come up for gifts...
and for a while we were not sure if we were going
to be able to make the drive to Mama and Papa's.
Jackie, Rick and Jeremy were at home in Texas
So, with family's somewhat bittersweet...
Nana and Grandpa leave to go home tomorrow...
and Scott has to leave AGAIN...
counting down the days until
January 10th!

But in the end, we are left with some
wonderful memories with our boys.
Memories that we will carry through the years.
The year it Snowed!!!
(The last time we had a White Christmas in Alabama, was in 1989...
why do I remeber was the year I got a Car for Christmas...
yep...couldn't get out and drive it!)
The year Jackson wouldn't open his presents...
and the year Austin got the
BEST gift EVER!!!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful time
with your family and friends!

We sure did...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I have been wrapping

Note to self:
Next year, wrap as you buy...
throw away shipping boxes as they come in...
don't wait until the last minute to do this again...
it's not fun...

...back to our regularly scheduled post...

I think I have finally gotten everything wrapped...
I have presents wrapped for everyone in our
immediate and extended family!
This year we had a lot of


Every year, we let the boys open one present on
Chirstmas Eve...
but the catch is
I get to pick!

Two little boys who are very excited about
Christmas Morning!!!
And two little boys who are very happy
to have their Daddy back home!
He has been working in Detroit since
December 2nd!
Aunt Leisa and Uncle Rick surprised us
Wednesday night and picked him up
a day early to surprise us!!

Opening their Christmas Eve gift

Austin opened a SEC Champion
Fans Only Parking sign for his room...
and Jackson got to open and Cars Bath Set...
Mater, Lightening McQueen and some soap!

We are enjoying spending time at home today.
Scott, Austin and Jackson got out this morning for a few
last minute gifts....and I had to get out
and get a few last minute things later this afternoon.
If we don't have it, we are not going to get it!!!
Time to get little boys in their Jammies...
Cookies out for Santa...
and in the bed so Santa can come and deliver some
presents to some good little boys.

Merry Christmas
You and Yours

Santa's Village

Tonight we spent the evening at
Santa's Village

I have always wanted to go, but the hustle and bustle of the
holidays always seemed to cause us to miss this.

Since Scott has been out of town the entire month,
I wanted to wait until we could all go as a family.
Tonight was the last night they were open before
Santa had to return to the North Pole to
get ready for his

Here is one of Santa's reindeer resting up for the
long trip back to the North Pole
and then across the globe
to deliver all of the


There were so many fun things to do.
Above is a picture of Jackson, Nana and I decorating a cookie
Mrs. Claus' Kitchen

Jackson decided that he would take a quick
spin in Santa's Sleigh

And try his hand at being a
He might get to try this for real on Christmas Day...
they are giving SNOW
for Christmas Morning!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!!

Scott and Jackson made their way through the
Icicle Maze

Jackson and I stopped to write a letter to the Big Guy himself!
Jackson said he wanted Santa to bring:

"TooTies" aka Cookies
When I asked him if he has been
Naughty or Nice
he quickly replied

with a great big smile...

After we wrote our letter to Santa, we came outside and
Mrs. Claus

This is a horrible picture of me,
but I thought it was really cute of Nana and Mrs. Claus.
Jackson loved Mrs. Claus.
He would just giggle at everything she would say to him.

Look....Jackson and I are a Christmas Tree!

Every 20 minutes down by Santa's house
they would have
Jackson would get so excited every time
he would hear the machines kick on.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!
it was more like clumps of bubbles,
but every time they came on all of the
kids went was a lot of fun to
watch how excited they all got! 

We waited in line to see Santa at his house...
Jackson had his picture and almost left his Paci with Santa...
but decided to take it back in the end.

After a quick trip upstairs to see Santa's bed...
ready for him to rest up for his big night...
we headed way of Costco...
to buy a new TV...
the one downstairs died...
not what I had budgeted for at the holidays!
Oh well... 

We had a really great time...
Even thought it was really cold...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Did You Make the Nice List??

We ventured out to the Mall this afternoon.
The boys and Nana have all been sick with a nasty stomach bug...
it has not been fun...

But everyone is getting back to normal and we decided to
get out for a while and make a visit to see Santa.
If you say anything about Santa,
Jackson will bust out with a big
"HO HO HO Meeeeerry Christmas!"
It's the cutest thing.

Nana tried to pay Austin money to sit with Santa...
he declined...
He has never liked Santa...
the last picture we have of Austin with Santa is
when he was about 18 months old...
he wasn't looking at the camera...
he was looking at Santa as if to say
"Who are YOU?"

He never would sit with him again...

We are trying to get ready for the holidays.
Scott got all of the decorations down before he left.
The door is decorated, the tree is up--but not decorated,
and Ben and Jerry are standing guard in the foyer.

We are going to try to get the tree done tomorrow and
the Snow Village up!

I'm going to start decorating next year on the 1st of November!!!

Scott left this morning for his long trip in Michigan...
he said it's really cold up there...
it's fixing to get really cold down here...
they are even giving us a chance of snow tomorrow...

But ready or not the holidays are upon us...
we better get crackin'!

Hopefully we will be able to post some pictures of the
decorations up and ready to go in a day or two...
until then...

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!!!!

The holidays always seemed to be crammed packed with
lots of events and fun things to do as a family!
This year our festivities are going to have a wrench thrown into them
because Scott is suppose to be leaving town on the 30th
and not return
until December 23! 

He trip is still swinging in the balance,
because they are unsure when
the proposal will actually hit, but we are waiting...
impatiently...but waiting.

Today we decided to take the boys and head north for the day.
We headed to Nashville to see the
Opryland Hotel after being closed
for the last 6 months due to a Flood in May.
To see the horrible photos from the days after the flood
and then see the hotel today is just remarkable!
It's like it never happened!
The gardens are just beautiful and the hotel is still magnificent!

We started off the day at the ICE was 70 degrees outside,
and NINE degrees was COLD!!!

This year's theme was Santa Clause is Comin' to Town.

Jackson would not look at the camera to save his life...
too much to see.
Poor Austin has had  a camera in his face for the last 11 years,
I think he is a little tired of it!
Oh, and he's freezing to death!!

He did think the ice slide was pretty cool
and made a couple of runs down before he decided that
warmth was more important than fun
and we headed out.

One last stop to let Santa and Mrs. Clause know
we'd have our letters in the mail soon with
wishes from two sweet little boys!

We finally got this little one to hold still long enough
to get his picture made in front of a GIANT tree
in the Opryland Hotel.

Here is an overview of the Delta area in the hotel.
It's amazing how much work they were able to get done
in such a short amount of time.
But the hotel is back and better than ever!
So beautiful and grand.
I love coming here, especially at Christmas!

This was Austin's favorite spot in the hotel!
We jumped in for a few minutes to throw away about $5
and let the boys play a little and then we headed over to
Bass Pro Shop...
the only store that has reopened at Opry Mills.

Quick family picture in front of the fire at Bass Pro Shops.
Jackson was just about DONE by this point.
No nap and so much to see and do.
But he was a trooper and hung in with us until the end.

Then he made his Christmas Wish List...
that's all he wants...
But he'll be really happy with it!!!

We left Bass Pro and headed to the Galleria at Cool Springs.
We knew if we left for home at 5:00, Jackson would fall asleep
and then wake up about the time we got home
 and not want to sleep.
So we walked around the mall for a little while
and had some more fun!
Well...I had some more fun...
the boys might disagree.

But, now we are back home and getting ready for the rest of
our upcoming adventures...

We are heading over to see Scott's mom and dad tomorrow,
for a quick little trip and then back home tomorrow night.
Packing up Scott and Austin and sending them off
to Bear Creek at 6:45 Monday morning.
Austin has an overnight field trip with his class.
They are going to explore a cave, climb on high and low ropes and
then top off the adventure with rappelling on Tuesday morning.

If Scott's proposal has not hit by then,
we are heading off again...
not going to say where....
in case it falls apart...
but it's going to be fun!!!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and slows down
to take a minute to stop and be thankful for the many wonderful blessing we have.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We have been running ragged!!

Austin was able to get his cast off yesterday, but still has to wear a brace for
about three more weeks.  It's so nice to tell him to go get in the shower
and not have to wrap his arm up and make sure he doesn't get it wet!

The boys and I have all been sick with a cold.
I think they are on the mend...
I still sound like I smoke 3 packs a day.
I have to get better soon because next Monday,  Austin and I
leave for an overnight trip to Bear Creek!
Can you hear the excitement in my voice...
It really does sound neat for the kids.
Cave exploring, high ropes, rappelling and such.
But to me, it sounds too much like camping.
I don't do camping.

We are just trying to make it to the holidays!
So this has become our new motto...

I found this on another girl's blog...
you can visit it here

She has made up some cute signs like this that are from the
"Keep Calm and Carry On"
ones that you see everywhere.

I also have a book mark that says
"Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake"

Anyway, she had printed them off and used them as
Thanksgiving Decorations around her house.

So that's about it for now...
still behind on Christmas shopping and no pictures of the boys...
Although I need to sit them down and try to get a Christmas Card photo...
this outta be fun...NOT!