Friday, August 27, 2010

Sixteen Years ago today...

We became Mr. and Mrs. Byron Scott Britnell

Sixteen years ago today...
I was running around getting ready to head to the church...
only to find that the only car I had keys to, was blocked in by
my families 20 other cars.
They were all at the church...

Sixteen years ago today...
my Mother was about to loose her mind...
because the flowers that were pink on my wedding cake
had turned DARK purple...

Sixteen years ago today...
my Dad said it was still not too late to RUN...
Sixteen years later...
I think he's glad I stayed!

Sixteen years ago today...
I wore a long sleeved wedding dress...
in North Alabama...
what was I thinking???

Sixteen years ago today...
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon...
we said our vows...

Sixteen years ago today
We gathered with family and friends to celebrate...
eat some yummy food...
and a delicious cake with funky looking flowers...
and celebrate our new beginning...

Sixteen years ago today...
I thought Scott was going to loose a few friends...
because they put shaving cream and shoe polish
on his Mustang GT!!!

Sixteen years ago today,
Kevin and Kim followed us home...
to clean the shaving cream off the car
and off my dress...

Sixteen years ago today...
we left for DISNEY WORLD!!!!
for a fabulous Honeymoon...

Sixteen years ago today...
I would have never dreamed how
my life would be!!!

Scott, I Love You!

So how are we celebrating our Sixteen years of Wedded Bliss...
I'm going to the Spa with Leisa
and then tomorrow
Scott is going to the Golf Course with Rick!!!

Pretty Funny, huh!!!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost finished!!

Remember my Mother's Day present....
well it's almost finished!

We moved it into my Scrapbook Room a few days ago and it is happy in it's new home!
We still have to make the holders for the doors and hang one of the ribbon holders,
but other than that it's done!

Scott replaced the back of the armoire with
peg board and I went and bought several hooks from Lowe's
that I am using to hang the big rolls of curling ribbon on.
I also have a hook for tape and I won't have to
go on a house wide search to find them when I
need to wrap a present.

We tried using the cheap little curtain rods from
 Wal Mart to hang the paper on,
but they didn't hold it sturdy enough
so we are going to have to use Plan B...
which means Scott is going to have to do one
 more wood working
project for me.
It's a good thing he loves me!

Try to imagine all of the different colors of curling ribbon that
are available from Nashville Wraps all lined up in a row
hanging on the little hooks.

Scott still has to hang this rod for my big rolls of ribbon...
just imagine the rainbow of colors that will hopefully be hanging there soon!!

Jackson was helping me measure for baskets to put on the shelves
that will hold all of the different colors of bows for packages

And imagine the different rolls of wrapping paper
hanging on the doors...
one door will hold 4 rolls of Christmas themed paper
and the other door will hold 4 rolls of solid color paper.

And last but not least, here is my "bright idea"
that I had while I was pregnant with Jackson.
We were sitting in the waiting room at the Dr.'s office
when I came across a picture of this in Better Homes and Gardens
or one of those magazines...
anyway, I turned to Scott and said
"You could make something like that, couldn't you?"
so he was off to make my big idea a reality.

He is going to start to cringe any time I use the words
"You could do that , right?"
I think when we were first married he took it as a challenge...
now, not so much...

Anyway, he made this one for me to hold my
LARGE rolls of paper
that you sometimes need
for little boys BIG presents.
It sits nicely next to my new cabinet, don't you think!!!

So there is my little project that would not
have come together without the hard work of my

So it's almost there...
it makes me happy to think of all of the pretty
colors of ribbon all lined up in a row...
shopping for wrapping paper is almost as much
fun as shopping for office supplies...
Ahhh, sigh....
I know Leisa understands.
(I also know that my mother is laughing as she reads this thinking-
that child has lost her ever loving mind!!)

So, hopefully we will get the wrapping paper roll hangers
made soon and I can get my paper ordered and ready to go
for the holiday season that is going to be here before we know it!!!

Scott said he better have A LOT of presents wrapped
in the cabinet under the tree this year.

I think he will...
because he is AWESOME!!!!

Oh and I am currently taking donations or Gift Certificates for
Ha Ha...
Just Kidding...
maybe a little...
or not.

If you have time, go check them out...
ribbons and bows and paper and boxes and....
ahhh happiness!!!

Now I am off to do some more Christmas shopping...
and yes....
I have already started!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Austin's Awesome Day

A few weeks ago, Scott's friend Mike called 
 and asked him to lunch...
they tried and tried to find a day that they and their other friend Todd could all meet for lunch.
With the three of them busy with meetings and such,
they could not get a date together.
Mike finally said that the reason he wanted to have lunch was
 because he had some BIG news.

He was getting a new baby...
not the screaming kind...


Scott said Mike has wanted a new Corvette for as long as he has known him... he does!!!

Isn't it pretty!!!

With the special package that he ordered, he was able to go up one week and actually see HIS car on the production line and then a couple of weeks later, he was able to go on a tour of the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green, KY and a special guided tour of the National Corvette Museum.

They left the house at 5AM the Thursday before school started and hit the road.

They were greeted by this sign and were given the first class tour!
They were not able to take pictures inside the plant but had a great time seeing all that was there.

He asked Scott and Todd to come along...
They we all Giddy!!!
Here is a picture of Scott and Austin in front of Mike's car...
ready for delivery!

Todd even "gave birth" to a new Corvette.

Todd even "gave birth" to a new Corvette.
When Scott told me this I looked at him like he had two heads,
but that is what they call it when they start a new one,
for the first time, right off the line.
He was given a "Birth Certificate" and everything!
They took his picture, but the tour guide had not asked for a "permit"
to shoot that kind of photo before they went in so he had to
delete it when they were leaving the plant.
They are pretty strict about the rules!!

These three are the biggest "Gear Heads" I know.
I mean that in the nicest way!! They can fix just about any car problem there is.
It's nice to know that there are guys out there that can fix your car for a dinner invitation instead of a $500 repair bill!!

Here they are posing with new ride...
Scott, Mike and Todd!!!

And finally, here is Austin in his dream car...
I told him that never in a million years would I let him drive one...

They all followed Mike and his wife home that afternoon.
Through a rainstorm and Nashville's rush hour traffic.
Needless to say he was a little nervous on the way home.

But they arrived back home around 7PM and Mike
even let Scott and Todd each take it for a ride around the block.
Scott seemed to handle the new car fever pretty well that night,
He could not decided which of our cars would have to park outside and
knew that if he built a new garage for it, he couldn't afford the car...
not that he could afford it anyway...
Maybe if we sold all four cars...
but we still wouldn't fit!!

So, that was the perfect end to Austin's summer vacation.
An awesome day with Dad seeing an awesome car!!!

Life is good!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Going to Do It even if it KILLS ME!!!

Now that Austin is back in school....
things are going to change around here!!!

We have been flying by the seat of our pants for the entire summer.
No schedule, no sense of urgency.
No need to keep on top of the Laundry,
cause we could stay in our PJ's all day if we wanted to
(and many days we did!!)

But, the times they are a changin'!!

I talked to Austin the night before school and set up some
things that we need to start getting into the habit of since
we are starting a new year at school.
Getting into the habit of getting homework done,
things organized at home and school...
starting new habits to make things
run smoothly all around.

And I told Scott tonight that tomorrow starts
Organization Boot Camp!!!!

I'm going to do it...
We are getting organized Room by Room baby!!!

Those words are getting me excited
"...simplify your space AND your life..."

I think I can....I think I can...

I ordered me a Mom Agenda to keep our schedules all together too--
I did get the Zebra one, too...pretty sassy, huh?
There is space on each weekly layout for 4 kids---
(OK-- if I had 4 kids I would need more than this book
to keep me organized!~ Just sayin')
Anyway, back to my point...
I am going to use each space for each member of our little family...
keep up with Austin's school activities...
Jackson's appointments and play dates and such...
Scott's travel schedule...which is filling up more than it used too (grrrr)
and last but not least,
Appontments, bills, schedules...everything in one place!!
Trying to keep it all together!!

I am also thinking about getting a calendar to put by our back door
so we can see it as we walk out to make sure we all know where we are going!
I found one on Etsy
you can buy your own frame from Hobby Lobby when they are on sale
and then put this cute little thing on the glass and
a little piece of organization and it's cute to boot!!!

I started cleaning out the boys closets before school,
so the closets in their rooms are getting close to organized.
Just need to get all of those clothes to Emily the end of the week

So, I have grand just to put it all into play!!!

I can do it!!!!
I will do it!!!!

I'll be sure to update the progress and amaze you with my
mad organizational skills.
Or just that I have gone MAD!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

6Th Grade--- REALLY??

How in the world did we get to 6th Grade???
It just seems like yesterday that I was standing out in the hallway
watching Austin on his 1st day of Kindergarten...
and now he's in 6th grade!!!!!

He let me take a couple of pictures from the front porch,
but told me that he was too big for me
 to come in with him and take pictures!!!
6th graders do not need their mother's to come in
on the first day with them.
Oh, how fast they grow!!!

Jackson wanted his picture taken too!!
He had just woke up and was in a pretty good mood.
Austin asked him if he wanted to go to school with him today,
Jackson replied "OOOTay!"

But, he had to come back home with me...and he cried when Austin got out of the car!

Trying to act like he didn't want to go this morning,
when actually he said several times,
"I'm excited to get back to school,
just not back to homework!"

All ready to go!!

I stole this picture from Bonny this morning...

Her kids let her come in and take pictures with the teacher!!!
Looks like a warm welcome to 6th grade!!!

Well, we have the drop off and now just have to remember to go and pick him up on time!!!
I think I may need to set an alarm!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of Summer fun!

Nana and D-paw have been here for the last week.
We had a BIG birthday to celebrate.
Austin turned 11...where has the time gone!!!

We had a little celebration with family last Friday night.
Scott smoked some chicken and pulled pork and
Mom and I added all the fixins'.
It was very yummy!!

And what is a birthday without some CAKE??

Miss Suzanne came thhrough for us again with the most awesome cake!
He wanted a guitar on it and we found this picture on the internet and she went from there!!!

Here is the happy birthday boy!!!
(hee hee-- he didn't notice that we were short a candle!)

Making a wish...actually we all know what he wished for...
he has his sights on an iPad

After the we were done partying mom and I went to work...
she brought the most massive amount of tomatoes I have ever seen.
We went into Salsa Production....
48 jars of salsa later and 7 jars of canned tomatoes, I am happy to say
that there are no more tomatoes in the house.
All of these came from her garden.
I wish I had taken a picture of them before we made them into salsa,
some of them were HUGE!!!!

Yummy goodness!!!

This is the pack of seasoning that we used in them--
not too hot.

This was the first batch we made.  I have never canned anything before in my life and
was SO excited hearing those little lids go "POP"

We had a really good visit and miss them very much.
All day long Jackson has looked at me and said,
"Nana D-Paw go Mzurri"
and I will tell him,
"Yes, Nana and D-Paw had to go back to Missouri"
he will reply with an
"ohhhhhh....go see um?'

Soon Buddy, we'll see them again soon!!