Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

The sun has set on another vacation
at Nana and Grandpa's.

Beautiful Missouri Sunset

The boys both had a lot of fun.
Jackson enjoyed exploring and
Austin enjoyed a break from
school and a schedule, and
I enjoyed several shopping trips with Mom.

We have a couple more days before we have to get
back in the swing of things.
Scott is off from work on Monday
and Austin does not go back to school until Wednesday.

We have been looking back at 2011
and remembering so many things we have to be
thankful for.
We are making our New Year's resolutions
and making plans for the new year.

To new friends and old...
Best Wishes for a wonderful 2012...
We can't wait to see what the new year
has in store for our family and yours!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

We have arrived at Nana's house,
I don't know who is happier...
Jackson or the Dog!
What is it about little boys and dogs?
These two are like little peas in a pod.
Tweedy has been so happy to have Jackson around this week.
Every day Jackson lets her in the back door....
and she runs in as fast as she can!
She is an outside dog unless it is
extremely cold...or if Jackson is in town!

No, Aunt Leisa...she did not lick Jackson in the face, I promise!
These two have been side by side
and having a ball.

Nana has been making all kinds of yummy treats and
Jackson is enjoying the fine art of
licking the beater...

Today has been the nicest day so far, so we all
got out and got some fresh air.

Jackson and the dog ran and played catch

and ran and played chase

And we explored the barn...

and down by the pond...

The dog thought it would be fun to take a quick swim,
but then decided that it was a little cold in there and
jumped out as quickly as she jumped in!

We enjoyed spending some time walking around the farm
and taking in the sights.

And Nana got a late Christmas present.
The man that farms on their land brought
Momma and Daddy a fresh load of gravel for their driveway.
She said that was about the best present she had ever gotten.
sometimes it's the little things in life.

We have been ejoying the laid back country life
the last few days, but our time is coming to an end.
Austin's break will be over soon and there are
Christmas decorations waiting at home to be
packed away for next year.

On to make plans for the New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Wishes

We are traveling
Over the River
Through the Woods...

Time for a visit with Nana and Grandpa!

Hope everyone has very
Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Well, sort of...

Since Jackson can't read a calendar yet,
and we needed to travel on Sunday right after church,
Santa came a day early to visit with Austin and Jackson.

Austin was leading Jackson back to see what Santa had
brought to our two little boys that made the "nice" list this year.

Jackson wakes up like his momma...
in a fog, so he always needs a little guidance from his
Big Brother to help him figure out what is going on.

Jackson slowly started to figure out that there were
new toys ready and waiting for him to play with.

He had it figured out pretty quick and got straight to work playing with
his new Hot Wheels race track!

Then Austin reminded him that there was a stocking!
He went straight to work searching to see what Santa
had stuffed in his stocking.

By this point, Austin was getting impatient.
Jackson was content playing with his new race track...
not even realizing that there were more
toys to be opened in the other room.

Austin finally convinced Jackson that it was time to
go and open the presents under the tree...but he stopped
to read his note from Russell, our Elf on the Shelf.

Jackson also took this opportunity to eat the leftover cookies we left
for Santa for breakfast...
and then they were off to open the rest of their presents.

Austin went straight to work and separated them out...
and then got down to business.

Austin was excited to get a new Carhartt coat...

Jackson got a new race track...

Austin also got a new lap desk to use with his computer...

and a new Air soft gun for some
target shooting.
(Ha HA-- I finally got a picture of Ausitn's head!  He kept holding his
presents in front of his face to avoid the camera...but I GOT HIM!)

Jackson also got him a new
or as we all know it...
a Corvette!
This little boy has a slight obsession for
American muscle cars...
Corvette, Camaro and Mustangs.
He can spot them all driving down the road and that is all
he kept saying he wanted for Christmas.
So he got his hot wheels, in remote control cars
and anything else we could come up with!

I think both boys had a really good Christmas!
It is getting harder and harder to get good pictures
of the boys on Christmas morning. 
 I remember when Austin was little and it was just him,
 he would calmly open his presents and let us take a picture of him
with each present...not any more.
They are both ripping through those packages and paper is flying everywhere!

The boys had the day to spend playing with their new presents
and Scott and I spent the day packing up
to travel to see Nana and Grandpa for a few days.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families
this year.  We were all spread out this year and did not get to
spend time with some and missed them dearly.

Now comes the clean up!
All those decorations have to come down.
I guess now is as good a time as any to get started on my
New Year's Resolution to get organized...

We'll see how it goes!

Let the Festivities Begin!

Tonight we went over the river and through the woods.
We celebrated Christmas with Scott's family tonight.
Jackson was so excited...He was ready for some

He curled up with Papa and tried to hold still long enough
to have his picture taken, but this is the best I could get.

Chris and Austin ready and waiting.
They are getting to the age that their favorite
kind of Christmas present are the ones that are
green, if you know what I mean. 

Jackson waisted no time getting straight to work.
He has this present thing down pat this year!
You can't see all of his shirt but it says
I really tried...

I really tried has a check mark in the box next to it...
This shirt cracks me up, because it explains just about
every day with Jackson...
he's trying...

This is the only picture I got of Julie,
she was busy opening her loot behind Jackson.

Aww Yeah!  Lincoln Logs!!!
Jackson loves to build so these are right
up his alley! 

Watch out!  Papa's got a new rifle

Scott helped Mam ma get her new toy up and running.

And check out what I got...
yep...dishes!  Yippee
and a set of beautiful silver chargers
that will look very nice under my new china from mom.

We thought the big boys were out of the toys stage
and that is why they got money...but before the night was
through, they were racing Jackson's remote control cars
and Chris had made a small farm from Lincoln Logs...

We had a great time with family,
ate some wonderful food,
and are now on to the next celebration...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday China

I can't get in the groove...
we have rushed to finish school with Austin and now
our family holiday festivities begin!

I am doing good to keep my head above water!

I had all of these great intentions this holiday season
and they have just fallen flat.
I'm glad that I am the only one who has noticed.
The kids are so excited to spend time with our families this
year and can't wait for Santa to visit!
And that is what is most important for me.
Not that they had a really cute tablescape for
dinner every night, or that every inch of
the house is immaculately decorated.
I did need to pull out my Lenox Holiday
china and set the table.  Can't have Christmas without it.

When I was in high school my mother bought
me my first set of China.  She worked at
McRae's Department store and got a great discount!
 I still have it today and still love it.
So, when it came time to register for our wedding,
I decided to register for Christmas china.
I had always loved this pattern from Lenox.
So classic and timeless!

I think I will absolutely freak out if they ever discontinue
this pattern.  Friends have bought me pieces to add to it over the years
and I love every last piece I have of it.

I even have matching napkins in the Holiday pattern.

I found these napkin rings earlier this year at
Old Time Pottery and the colors are perfect.

Close up above of the napkin ring...
and close up below of the flatware

The Gold flatware was my Grandma Ann's...
I always thought this was the most elegant set of flatware
I had ever seen when I was growing up...
I mean, she had to have been a bajillionaire to have GOLD flatware, right?

Well, that is at least what I thought.
I loved it back then and I love it just as much today.
I tried to find a pattern on it,
but my eyes are not what they used to be...
All I can make out is National Stainless  JAPAN
I searched at but did not
see anything that looked like it.
If you happen to know, I would love to know the name.

The green goblets are Lennox Holiday Gems.
They were a gift from my mother several years ago.

I was playing around a little with the photo editing...
Let me tell you  Picnik is a fun little program.
I just used the free version, but the Premium package looks
neat too.

And the little sketch photo...

So the table run down:
China~ Lenox Holiday
Flatware~ Family Heirloom ? pattern from National Stainless
Goblets~ Lenox Holiday Gems in green
Charger~ Red beaded edge from Old Time Pottery
Napkins~ Lenox Holiday
Napkin Rings~ Old Time Pottery

Hope you and your family have a very

Merry Christmas!

Now I have to get busy and get all of
our presents wrapped and get ready to celebrate
with Scott's family on Friday.

Christmas is coming... ready or not!

Be sure to go and check out all of the other
holiday tablescapes at

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pinteresting Christmas Decor

Have you been sucked into, I mean,
discovered Pinterest?

Oh Yeah,  I am totally obsessed!
I have even started a little notebook,
more like a three ring binder, for Scott!
When he asks me, "Have you got a project that I
can do for you?"  I can whip that bad boy out, show him photos,
and get him going!
My Christmas present is a book case for my scrapbook
room that was Pinterest inspired!

But, this holiday decorating season has soooo
much inspiration, that my decorating has not seemed to
stop!  I probably won't get finished until it's time to pack it all
away for next year...I guess that's the way it goes some times.
But I thought I would make not of a few ideas that
I liked so when it rolls around next year,
I'll be able to put them into place.

My first idea was for some outdoor decor...

I liked the idea of a more rustic look for the back porch.
These mason jar candle holders and the simple Pine Cones
in pots filled the bill.  I figure anything would look better than the
poor frozen to a crisp begonia's that were poking out the top of mine.

My sweet Mother picked up all of these Pine Cones
for me when she went to visit my brother during Thanksgiving.
Loaded them up in a large garbage bag and hauled them up
from South Alabama.  I think this is the first time, in a loooong
time that we have not had Pine Trees in our yard.  Leave it to me to
want to use them to decorate, when I don't have them anymore.

It was 72 degrees outside yesterday, so I took the opportunity to fill up
 the top of my pots.  I used some of the dried pine needles to try to
"fill in" the top of the pots,
 but I think Jackson and I may try to head out today and find a
cheap tree to take apart and use the fresh greenery to add some color.
I also need to grab a box of unbreakable ornaments to
pop in the top as well.

While Mom was at my brothers, she visited with his
soon-to-be Mother in Law.  They picked a few more small
pine cones from her yard and then she remembered the GIANT
ones she had in her garage.  She said she has had them for years,
and could not remember what she had planned to used them for.
So, she bagged them up and sent them home to me!

WOWZA!!  They are so big and pretty! 
Can you picture them with a lantern or maybe
those mason jar candles...a little fresh greenery stuffed around...

So many addicting...

I found these ribbons tied to the top
of one of them, so it looks like she was on the
same track as me...

They are just so pretty...

So, now I am ready to head out and get the rest of the
stuff to finish my little project.  And I need to do it before the rain
sets in for the next couple of days! 

I tried to take a few more pictures of the front porch
in the evening and see if I could capture the lights twinkling.

I was also trying to NOT capture the
dead mums that are still in the pots.


But never fear!  Another Pinterest idea
to save the day...
this one will have to wait until next year. though.
I think I am going to have to do a little
re-working of the front porch decor by next year.

I made my wreath a few years ago and the
sun. wind and rain have not been kind to it.
Since it faces South, it catches all of the weather.
and the glitter picks are starting to fade.

So, before next Christmas, I am going to need to
rework the wreath and garland.  I think the
garland needs more lights anyway,
and I might even change the colors up a bit.
May have to go with the inspiration photo and 
do Candy Cane colors...or a snowy blue and white...
or I may have to spend another 3 or 4 hours on Pinterest and 
find some more good ideas!

So...if you don't have a clue what I have been talking about,
go and check it out

More ideas for decorating, cooking, planning your wedding or special
event and generally any kind of idea you could ever dream of...

and then some, all stored in one place.

Grab you a cup of coffee and enjoy!
You're gonna be there for a while!