Monday, June 29, 2009

"Hi There"

Slowly day by day we are starting to hear little words that we can understand. Back at Christmas Jackson would say Mama, Dada and even Austin. But it was almost like once he learned to say them there was no need to say them anymore. He kept saying Mama but would only say Dada on occasion and didn't say Austin anymore. He has continued to jabber the entire time and will look at you like you should know what he is saying. But now the words are coming! When the phone rings he will say "Hey" and sometimes will even say "Bye-bye". This weekend he would say "Hi there" to everyone who walked by. Yesterday at lunch I thought he was going to break his neck every time our waiter walked by trying to tell him "Hi There!" Then our waiter tried to get him to say "Ho la" -- we were having Mexican. Jackson would just stare at him and say "Hi there"

He is also starting to make some animal sounds. We apparently have a bird nest outside his window and in the morning you can hear him saying "chirp chirp" and when the neighbors dogs bark he'll bark along with them. He played with some of his cousins dinosaurs a couple of weeks ago and he will give a big "roarrrrr" when you ask him what a dinosaur says. We almost have down pat that a frog says "ribbit" but for some reason we'll only say that in the tub (sometimes).

Jackson and I are alone this morning. Austin spent the night with his cousin last night and they are planning on going swimming today and then to the movies this afternoon. He was really excited. Jackson and I are just hanging out and catching up on laundry from last week. I am going to start laying out our things to pack for out trip. It's going to be here before we know it and I don't want to have to be in a rush. Two weeks away from home, with a baby, I want to make sure I have everything I am going to need, within reason...8 people in a Suburban won't leave a whole lot of room for extras. However, Scott is a packing GENIUS! So I have a lot of faith in my super Hubby that he can get it all in and still have room for us!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Week!

Whew! I am worn out!! We have been going to Vacation Bible School this week and it was great! The theme of the week was "Great Escapes". Austin had a blast seeing some of his friends from school and others that we don't get to see very much. We enjoyed having lunch with friends and just enjoying each others company. Both of the boys were great and Jackson had some really good naps this week!

Austin and Scott went on a camping trip last night to the Old Stone Fort in Manchester, TN. When they called to check in they were having a good time! They said it was really hot but they were having fun. They had activities planned most of the day today and then are heading home.

Austin is going to spend the night with his cousin tomorrow night and then they are heading to the movies.

Then the countdown begins for the BIG VACATION!!!! Time to get clothes washed and bags packed!!! (mom this is your hint to come for a visit!) A friend of mine gave me some hints on how to pack for the boys. She read on some of the DIS boards for Disney Cruises to pack kids clothes in gallon size bags. Put a days worth of clothes in one bag, socks, underwear and clothes. Then there is no searching to the bottom of the suitcase for itty bitty socks! Also, I can keep the bag out for Jackson's clothes to pack his dirty duds in during the day. He's one dirty little boy!!

Well, I am off to put Jackson down for a nap, get some laundry started, pick up the tornado of toys in the living room floor, start planning dinner, run to Wal Mart, and on and on and on!!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!

When Austin was about 2, Uncle Rick put in a pool! Oh how we have loved Uncle Rick for putting in the pool. And oh how we have loved living so close to said pool! Well last Monday night Jackson was introduced to the pool. We think he is going to like it too. At first he just sat on the steps with Aunt Leisa and then he went a little farther in with Kerri and then Uncle Rick had him floating around on his tummy and splashing away! He even had him jumping (yes, you read that right--JUMPING) off the side to him, giggling the entire time! The only thing he didn't like was when Kerri, Jonathan and Austin were having water cannon fights. They were laughing and squealing and I think that was a little too much for him.

Here is Jackson putting his toes in and just taking in the situation. He didn't really know what was going on.

Here is Austin blasting the back of Kerri's head. She is so patient and kind-- She did get in a few good shots of her own!

After Austin put up his water cannon he came over and entertained Jackson for a little while. He would blow bubbles in the water and go under. Jackson would just laugh. They were both having a great time.

ONE, TWO, THREE JUMP!!!! After a while he didn't wait for Uncle Rick to count!

All dried off and ready for a good night's sleep!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Have We Been Up To???

TEETHING!!!!!! We can go from this sweet little smile....

to this little monster in a matter of seconds!!!

This is what he did to my eyeglass case this morning....

And this is the arm of my Antique Dining Room chair

They say not to wish away the early years but I am ready for this stage to move on out of here!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

CSI: Cub Scout Investigations!

Last week Austin spent his days at Cub Scout Camp at Point Mallard in Decatur. He had a BLAST!!! He would come home every day and talk about all of the fun stuff they were doing and all of the fun he had with his friends from school and the new friends he met at camp. On Thursday all of the Parents were invited to camp to watch the end of the week skits. Scott met us in Decatur and Aunt Leisa came over to watch Jackson so Austin had a little alone time with Mommy and Daddy. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the skits. A HUGE thunderstorm rolled in just as they were getting ready to start the performances. Camp was letting out that day at one o'clock anyway and it was a good thing. Here are a few snap shots from the day

Here is Austin and Colton waiting for their turn to be called to lunch. The boys had decided to have a little water fight while waiting. It wasn't that hot outside but playing in the water was a blast!

Here are all of the boys from Pack 25 that attended day camp this year. Can't you tell from their expressions that they are just sooo happy to be having their picture made! BOYS???

Austin taking a quick break from the water fight. They were all having so much fun just being boys.

Here are Austin, Andrew and a new friend they met at camp just taking a break. Not everything went like clockwork during camp. So they had some downtime every now and then. They would fill the time with playing Frisbee or football. Yep that's right Austin learned how to enjoy playing FOOTBALL!!

You can see the storm starting to roll in. The wind picked up and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees in just a matter of minutes and then the thunder began to roll in the distance. I told Scott to go move our car closer in case we had to make a break for it. Good thing he did because not too long after he moved it closer the bottom fell out! So camp was over for the day!

Austin had a lot of fun last week with the archery and BB guns. They also got to talk on a HAM Radio one day and he talked to a man in Connecticut. That was a highlight on one of his days. He had a great time but was tired by the end of the week. They would meet at the school at 7:20 every morning and then get home every day around 4 o'clock.