Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Holiday's Just Wear You OUT!!!

Tonight while I was cooking dinner we decided to put Jackson in his Johnny Jumper to play... he was jumping and laughing and I was just a cookin' away! All of the sudden I noticed he wasn't saying much and turned to look at him and this is what I found... he had literally fallen asleep standing up! Poor little guy, the holiday's have worn him out. This morning he slept from 11:30 until 3:00. He's a little tired!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

And the Celebration Continues

After we finished opening Santa and gifts at home we headed to Mamma and Papa's house to have lunch and open presents!

Uncle Jeff walked Jackson around -- he will walk just a little if you hold his hands but he has not quite figured out his balance or to stand flat on his feet. He goes everywhere on is tip toes!

All of the grandkids (minus Jeremy-- we missed you!) in front of the Christmas Tree

Time to tear some more paper!!! Jackson was all over this! The only problem was that he wanted to eat the paper instead of seeing what is inside.

Uncle Jeff helped Jackson open his present from he and Aunt Ann and his cousins. This was the coolest little lights and sound toy with a big mirror-- by the way- Jackson thinks he looks pretty good! He loves to sit and play with this toy! I think it is his favorite!

Spending time with Family and new toys-- what could be better-- MORE FAMILY-- we missed you Aunt Jackie, Uncle Rick and Jeremy!!! Come home soon!

Merry Christmas!!!

Austin and Jackson woke up to a room full of goodies from Santa this year. They must have been really good boys!

Here are a few snap shots from Christmas morning!

Austin showing off his new Light Saber stylus for his Nintendo DS. Notice the styling new helmet-- so he doesn't crack his head while driving his new go kart!

Jackson got a new "anywhere chair"-- Santa has friends at Pottery Barn don't you know!

The tree with all of our Christmas goodies!!!

Austin with more new Star Wars toys!!

Grandpa had a little helper this year for Christmas!! Jackson was ready to lend a helping hand to rip up some wrapping paper!

Stay tuned... there is more to come!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's on His Way!!!!

Austin and Jackson posed in front of the tree for a snapshot in their new Christmas PJ's that Nana found for them. They were waiting for Santa to come our way and bring us lots of goodies!

Passing the time with Jackson and some of his presents from Tuesday night!

We have always let Austin open one present on Christmas Eve. The present is our choice because let's face it-- he would pick the biggest box under the tree-- wouldn't you?? So he was waiting impatiently to open his present and this is his reaction!! It was priceless-- it was the movie Kung Fu Panda-- but it was on a Blue Ray disc-- Austin had already explained to Nana that we don't buy Blue Ray discs because we don't have a Blue Ray player! Hee Hee Hee-- so he is thinking this gift is pointless-- the ONE gift is a useless disc!!!

So Nana decides to let Scott open a present as well--- and guess what it is....

Yep-- it's a Blue Ray player and all the excitement explodes when he realizes that the disc isn't useless after all. It was a pretty good joke if I do say so myself! So Grandpa, Scott and Austin were off to watch King Fu Panda on the big screen in Blue Ray...whoo hoo!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas

Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas
Lean your ear this way,
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say.
Christmas Eve is coming soon,
Now you dear Old man
Whisper what you'll bring to me,
Tell me if you can.

This is Jackson's singing Frog Santa (told you we were nuts about frogs). He sings the little song above and makes us all smile. We have played him so much that he is going to need some new batteries soon. What's even funnier than the singing Santa Frog is Austin singing the song sounding like the frog!! Too funny!

Have a Happy Holiday!!

Festivities with Friends

Tonight we celebrated with some of our long time friends and their families. This is a tradition that we have had since 1996 (I think). Maybe since 1995. Each year we get together and eat and exchange gifts. It is a gathering we look forward to every year. No matter how busy we get we always make a point to celebrate together.

Payton, Patrick and Austin

Jackson, Aunt Leisa and Aunt Gena

Aunt Gena gave Jackson a Pooh Honey Pot toy. Aunt Gena is a Disney NUT and had to start him out right. He really enjoyed the lights and music.

Jackson showing Aunt Leisa how much he loves his frog cross stitch that she made for him. It is of a little boy dressed in a frog outfit wearing little water wings. We love frogs and the water wings are for when he gets big enough to go swimming at Aunt Leisa and Uncle Rick's.

The boys all opened their presents and ran back downstairs to play some more. Everyone enjoyed the evening and is gearing up for the rest of the week's celebrations!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Really Stinky Virus is BACK!!

Well... we have gotten RSV...AGAIN!!! We had been being so careful and one day out with all of the nasty coughing, sneezing, gross people and he catches it AGAIN!! He had a really rough weekend. I think last night we may have gotten about 3 hours of sleep. He definitely has a worse case this time than when we decided to go to Nana's at Thanksgiving. His fever was around 102.5 this weekend and he was absolutely pitiful. Hardly any smiles-- you know something is wrong when he doesn't smile.

At our visit with Dr. Parmer today he said Jackson is going to need to start breathing treatments so tonight when Scott got home we hooked him up. He did really well. I thought he would fight it and not want that mask on his little face but he took it like a little man! He was even smiling through it. Silly little boy!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

We dressed the boys up today and tried to take a couple of photos to put together a Christmas card. Here are a few pics. Notice the red mark above Jackson's eye-- he decided to launch head first into Austin's head--ouch!

You can't tell by his smile but Jackson woke up from his nap this afternoon running a fever. He doesn't act sick but was as hot as a firecracker. I guess we'll be going to see Dr. Parmer.

Jackson also celebrated his 8 month birthday yesterday. He is growing like a weed and changing every day. He can sit up by himself and can even pick up his little puffs and eat them on his own. Jackson will roll all over the place but cannot pick that big belly up off the ground to try to crawl. He can put his paci in his mouth and will hold his bottle occasionally. He just babbles all the time. He is getting a lot of expression in his voice and really does not like it when Austin ignores him. The other night in the car, Austin was reading a book and not paying attention to Jackson. He started his usual "Bla, bla, blahh" and Austin kept reading. Jackson kept talking getting a little louder until he was yelling "Blaa, Blaa, Bla, Blah". By this time Scott and I were cracking up in the front seat. We told Austin to look over at him just to see what he would do. Austin did not speak, just looked at him and Jackson smiled really big and in the sweetest voice said "Blaa,Bla, Blah". All he wanted was for Austin to look at him and it wasn't happening! We all had a good laugh.

Austin is getting ready for Christmas... he can't wait for those presents!! They will have their Holiday lunch at school on Monday and then half days on Thursday and Friday with partying in between. Then he is out until around the 6th of January.

Enjoy the holidays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cub Scout News

The boys earned their Webelos badge and had their ceremony tonight. They have worked really hard earning their academic belt loops and activity pins. They have all completed their badge for the year so now they can work on more of their activity pins.

Austin wanted to keep his paint on his face and wear it to school the next day but I made him wash it off.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We finally broke down and bought a new tree this year. We had to buy one at Austin's first Christmas because the pediatrician said a live tree would not be good for his allergies so we had to break down and buy an artificial tree. It lasted for 8 years but last year Scott had to tie it up with a wire to make it stand straight. Not to mention the fit throwing that would be done as he took the time to test the lights before he put them on the tree only to have one color stop working once the strand was put on the tree. So this year we bought a pre-lit tree. Austin helped me decorate the tree this year. He had to improvise a little to get the ornaments up higher on the tree. How we managed to get it decorated without falling off the couch I don't know. We still need to add a bow on the top but have not made it around to the store to get one.

Austin said this tree would do but he would rather have a tree with colored lights-- but once the ornaments were on the tree he liked it a lot.

Now we just need some presents!!!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Stars are Shining

Well.... Austin was seeing stars and he was sporting a shiner the next day. Austin was having a great time on the Christmas float until he landed face first on a 2 x 4 and came home sporting this! It only got better the next day.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

And feel like it too-- burr -- it's cold here-- the high today was only about 40 and yep it's the night of the Christmas Parade! Scott came home and took Austin to the parade. They had to be on their float by 5pm and the parade will start at 6pm. He was so bundled up that he could almost not move! He was bundled up in multiple layers--pj's, thermals, Fleece Hoodie, Michelin Man jacket and then a toboggan under his Hood hat and then the hood on his coat, two layers of socks, hiking boots (fleece lined too boot!), gloves and a scarf wrapped around his neck so he can pull it up over his little mouth and nose! I think he'll stay warm. He also took 2 big fleece blankets and a thermos full of hot chocolate! Yum

Scott just kept telling me "Do you know how much I HATE being cold?!?!" I kept reminding him that he is the greatest Dad in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD but I'm not sure he was buying it! Jackson and I figured that we would just sit this one out since he has been sick. Cars had already lined up down Hobbs Street this afternoon. There ought to be a record crowd!

Have You Seen Me!!!

Yep-- it's official! Jackson can sit up on his own. I sat him here tonight while I got Austin all bundled up for the Christmas Parade and he has been sitting there ever since. He's a big boy now!!!

sNOw, sNOw, sNOw!!!!!

When Austin was little he could not get the "s" sound out the first time he saw snow. He would just say in a very excited voice no, no noooo and drag out the last nooooooo. We still say it to this day every time we see snow-- he is not amused most of the time but it is still one of those memories that are sweet to me. Our first day back from Nana's we saw some snow! If it had only been colder we might have had a little on the ground. At least a 1/4 of an inch-- you know-- just enough to shut down the entire city!! It doesn't take much around here. I laugh when mom says she hears the snow plows out on her road at 5am-- snow plow--What's that???

It was pretty while it lasted but no cancelled school, no bread and milk frenzy at the grocery store. Maybe next time.

You Sank My Battleship

Uncle Steve and Austin decided to make some ships out of cans and take them to the pond and sink them with the bazillion rocks that are around the pond. There was also about a foot of mud that Austin decided to walk right out into in his good shoes! His feet were absolutely covered in mud and he thought it was great. I started to get mad about it but decided that shoes will wash and memories of sinking Uncle Steve's ship will last longer than the shoes!

They had a blast! Each time they headed out the dog would happily follow them out to the pond. Austin thought that was so cool. She is a very good dog and would listen to everything he said. He learned very quickly to tell her down, sit, and stay. She would sit on the bank and watch until she couldn't stand it any more and then she would chase a rock or two into the water but she never went out too far-- must have been cold!!

Jackson's First Trip to Nana's

On Sunday the 23rd of November after a trip to see Dr. Parmer-- poor guy he just lives in his office during cold and Flu season! Back to my point... he gave us the OK to go to mom's house (with lots of meds in case we needed them) so after talking it over with Scott we headed out around 1:30pm. Jackson was so tired that he cried for about the first 20 minutes. Scott didn't say a word and I wondered if we should just turn back. He finally relaxed and drifted off to sleep and was a happy little rider from there on out. This trip is hard on little ones when they are feeling good and even harder when they are sick. Austin was set up with his DVD player and his DS so he was good to go. He rode happily until around 6:00 when it was time for dinner. He ate his dinner and stretched for a while and then we headed on. After another nap we woke up at Nana's a few hours later. Then he was ready to was 10:30 we were ready to go to bed. We set up his bed and changed into Jammies and had some cereal and a bottle and then he was ready to head off to dream land. He slept well and didn't seem to be too sick except for a snotty little nose.

Put a Little Gobble in your Wobble

Well...we were all wobbling a little more after we gobbled up all of Mamma's yummy cooking. We traveled to Mamma and Papa's house before we headed North for Thanksgiving. Mamma fixed all of the usual yummy dishes-- but most importantly--DRESSING -- YUM. We were glad we didn't have to wait until Christmas for some of her yummy dressing. Jackson had fun hanging out with Papa and Uncle Jeff while Austin was enjoying time with his cousins.