Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be Prepared...

While this week I am preparing for 
Thanksgiving and eating way too much dressing...

Toni over at 
is getting ready to host a little linky party
for Emergency Preparedness

A Bowl Full of Lemons

With the recent events on the East Coast,
it never hurts to be prepared.

And after the Tornado outbreak 
from April of 2011, I know all too well
how bad things can get when you go without power
for a few days.

I can't wait to see all of the good ideas that
people come up with to help us prepare for the worst
and pray for the best!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

This year since Halloween fell on a Wednesday night,
our annual Halloween Party at our friend Nancy's house
was on Tuesday night.

Jackson and I made some Mummy cupcakes to take to the party.
He was such a good helper.  We made them together and then
he helped me decorate them, too.
A few mummy eyes never made it onto the cupcakes,
but Jackson said they tasted really good!

There were some spooky characters at Nancy's house!
Here is a picture of Jackson and Carolyn.
They are about three weeks apart in age and will be starting
Kindergarten together next year.

Finally was able to get a cute shot of some of his little friends.
Carolyn was a pirate, Kate was Little Red Riding Hood, Jackson was a fireman
and Caleb was also a Pirate.
We had so much fun at Nancy's and the kids got lots of candy
from the Mom's and Dad's at the party.

When Halloween falls on a Wednesday it always seems
so rushed and out of sorts, but we were not going to let that stop us!
The Spirit of Athens was having Trick-or-Treat on the Square
from 3 until 5 o'clock, so we picked Austin up from school
and headed up to the square.

It was so much fun!
All of the street poles were still decorated from the Storytelling Festival
that was held there last weekend so the Square was so festive!

The boys little Halloween buckets were filled with goodies and a 
minimal amount of candy!

Jackson was ready to go!
Bring on the candy!!!

We hit up Limestone Drugs, first stop!
I thought I was going to loose both of them to 
the Ice Cream Cone counter,
where you can get an ice cream cone for 92 cents.

Then they were off!
Austin was so good and walked all around the square with 
Jackson and would help him open the doors and remind him 
to say "Thank You" for is candy.

We saw Minnie Mouse in Village Pizza
and got some candy and then really wanted
some of the best pizza in town!

But we had more places to stop!
Jackson was quickly distracted by the train in the 
window at U.G. White!
This hardware store has been in business on the square
since 1917!

They had a bunch of hay bales with 
pumpkins and mums out front.
Perfect spot for a quick pic!

I couldn't resit taking his picture next to the fire hydrant
as we waited for the light to change and us 
cross the street. 

Looking pretty serious as we worked our way around the square
to trick-or-treat for some more candy.

A quick shot of the court house while we waited on the next corner...

Everyone was so excited to see the kids and had lots of 
yummy goodies for them.
Jackson had a lot of fun and was very polite and would only take 
one piece of candy, even when they told him he could take more.

It only took us about 30 minutes to buzz around the square
and we were back in the car and headed home!

The weather was just beautiful and
we had a lot of fun making a special Halloween memory!

Hope your Halloween was