Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do you hear that...

I think I hear the Hallelujah Chorus!!!

I had to get this done after I posted those absolutely
horrible pictures...
I really am not a TOTAL slob...
if it makes me look any better,
that room is downstairs...out of sight...
not working....

oh well, I tried.

So hold on to your seat!
Ahh...there is a floor down there.

I have all of the junk cleared off of the counter,
but there are still stacks of unfinished projects that
I do not know what to do with...
except get to it and finish the albums!

I cleared off the "sewing table"
(insert laughter here...
cause I can't sew...)
The sewing machine is in it's case
tucked neatly under the table, next to the rolling cart
of fabric...again, that I can't do anything with.
(Mom...your list of projects are growing by the day!)
and my little gift wrap cabinet.

I cleared and cleaned out!
All of those boxes and two
BIG bags of trash. 

I even started a little stash of things of
things to put in a yard sale!

I tried to organize all of the things for Austin's
school scrapbooks in one place.
I have all of his "memorabilia" separated by school year
in the big cube to the right.
Jackson's album is in the white large photo box.
The other smaller photo boxes need to be organized.
They are somewhat divided into categories,
but I think I can get them straightened out a little better.

When I have a couple of days, I plan on pulling my big
6 foot table out and getting my
"to do" projects in order.
I have most of the photos printed for Austin's school books...
just have to make the time to sit down and do them.

There is a lot of decorating in here that I still want to do,
along with a lot of organizing.
I think the walls need to be a little brighter and I have
some fabric to have some curtains made.
I also want to paint the oak table on the back wall,
add a shelf in between the cabinets on the wall,
move the tread mill out...
and find a nice desk to replace the wood topped desk that all of
the projects are sitting on right now. you want your table? the yard sale it goes...

I would also like to have a big chair to sit in the corner.
So while lots has been done,
there is still a lot to do!

I guess our houses are always a work in progress...
speaking of work...
have to stop working on the scrapbook room...
the next project is calling my name!
Actually, Scott is calling and telling me,
"If you want to get this done, you need to get in here and help me!"
Somebody in our house is getting a new big boy room!
Sniff, Sniff
he's growing up waaayyyy to fast!

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