Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fridge and Freezer Clean Out

It's been a lazy week around here.
It is cold and rainy and a day
that makes you just want to lay around in
your pajamas!

I figured that since it was too rainy
to get out and run around,
and also the fact that I needed to
"take a vacation" in my
Laundry Room,
I would also continue my project in the kitchen.

Time to clean out the
refrigerator and freezer.

Well it stared out looking like this.
Crammed packed with a bunch of stuff!

Top shelves....just waiting to explode

and the bottom...
not much better.

Random things stuffed in the door

So out it all came....

and into a laundry basket as well.
WOW that was a lot of stuff packed into the freezer...

Cleaned and wiped down,
I started to load it all back in.

and as I loaded I re-wrapped things to keep
them from getting freezer burn.
Threw out A LOT of things that had been in there
waaay too long.

Ahhh....that's better
Veggies and breads on top shelves...

Meats separated out by type on the
bottom shelves.

I cleaned out the shelves and put Popsicles
on a shelf and nuts for baking
and then there were two empty shelves on the bottom
and one on the top!

I also started cleaning out the refrigerator side
and used some of the baskets that I bought
when I bought the pantry baskets

I used one for fresh fruits

and the other for fresh produce

Salad anyone??

So, the kitchen it slowly but surely
becoming more organized.

I still have a few more things to do.
I want to go and get a few more baskets for the
refrigerator and freezer.
I think I am going to make a "lunch basket"
and keep all of the things I need for making
lunches and also a smaller one to
hold the smaller bags of vegetables in the freezer.

One day at a time,
one project at a time...

and one big garbage can full of stuff.

Glad tomorrow is Friday.
Hellloooo garbage pick up!

(if you want to see some other ideas for
cleaning and organizing your kitchen
go and check


  1. that makes me wanna clean out my frig too :)

  2. Yeah! You have the same baskets as I do! Did you get yours at Old Time Pottery or did you find them somewhere else? I'd love to know where you got them as I've had several people asking me and they aren't familiar with Old Time Pottery.
    Thanks! organizewithsandy(at)yahoo(dot)com