Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Boys

I had the cutest idea for a post,
but my idea was

Night before last, Jackson pleaded to
lay down in Austin's bed to go to sleep.
This usually ends up with the two of
them being goofy and Scott and I
end up going in and taking Jackson out
kicking and screaming...
but not Sunday night.

They both laid there as quiet as could be...
they both drifted off to sleep...
side by side.

(this is where I was going to post the
cute picture of the two of them asleep in
Austin's bed until he said "NO WAY")

Monday morning, Austin asked if we came to get
Jackson or if he got out of bed on his own.
When I told him that we came to get Jackson before
we went to bed he looked at me a little funny and said

"You didn't take a picture of us, did you?"

He knows me too well!

I replied,
"Yes, I did...you two were so cute,
Jackson had turned over and had his little
feet across your chest and you were both
sleeping so soundly..."

Austin cut his eyes at me and said in a soft voice...
"No Facebook...No Blog...."

I tried to tell him how cute they looked
and how sweet it was that he wanted to go
to sleep with his big brother...

no luck...
same reply...
No Facebook....No Blog!

I tried to push the issue and he replied,
"How would you like it if I took your picture and
put it out on the Internet?"

Point taken...
so instead of my sweet boys sleeping
I'll show you my utensil drawer...

What a big ol' mess!

One night when I was enjoying the peace and quiet of
(yes...there are just some days that a trip to Walmart
at 9:00 at night is the most quiet time of my day
when I do not have to hear...
Can we look at the toys, Can I have some gum,
I want some candy and don't even get me
started on the junk they have laying around the check out
counter...that's another rant for another day!!!)

Back to my original thought...
I found these metal utensil dividers that expand....
on the clearance isle...
woo hoo

So I bought two of them...
I expanded it out as far as it would go
and then used only part of the second one...

So much better...It's amazing how you can actually find things
when they are just a little bit more organized.
Slowly I am figuring this out...
I think Scott may be finally rubbing off on me
after 16 years...
but don't tell him I said that!

Changing the subject...
Someone has a big Birthday coming up...
it's hard to imagine he was ever this small
and would sit this still...
and next week he turns

I used this picture of him in my first ever post on my blog.
Thursday, June 19, 2008.
I had taken Jackson for his two month check up...
he weighed almost 14 lbs.
and had gotten his first round of shots.

He has changed so much over the last three years.
Some sweet changes...and some changes we are ready for
him to grow out of!!!
He has definitely given new meaning at times to
the Terrible Two's!
But we would not trade him for anything in the world!

And I can't talk about the last few years with Jackson without
talking about his wonderful Big Brother!
Austin is so patient and kind with Jackson.
So willing to help and
always willing to hold a hand,
snuggle on the couch,
and take him for a ride.

I could not have been given two sweeter boys!
I love them both inside and out with all of my heart!

(this picture was taken when we took Jackson to
church for the first time...Austin was so proud to show him off)

My boys are growing up waaayyyy too fast!
Sigh...excuse me, I have to go now...
sniff, sniff
I think I need to go love on my little boys!

I also need to get to cleaning my house...
The carpet store should be calling in the next day or two to
put Jackson's new carpet down
and we are having our small group
from church over on Friday night...
and right now...the house...

Hope everyone has a great week...
I'll be cleaning...

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