Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet "Marvin"

you know...

As we continue to work on his new Big Boy room,
our next project takes us to the floor.

This is what MOST of Jackson's, excuse me, Marvin's carpet
looks like.  It is the original carpet that we put in
almost 8 years ago...
I don't really know why I picked out such a light carpet.

This is what it looks like now,
Marvin has managed to put lotion,
A & D ointment, and just general dirt
right inside the entrance to his room.
I tried buying a rug to just "cover" the spot,
but then the door would not close.
We have tried EVERY thing we could think
of to clean it.  It will look good for a day or two
and then end up looking 10 times worse.
So, we have decided to just re-carpet his room.
The way our flooring is done, each individual bedroom meets
hard woods or tile, so we do not have
to match it to the existing carpet.

I think we have decided on a Frieze Carpet
and the color is Fawn.
It's darker than what is in there right now,
and hopefully will hold up to
this little boy!!
(and yes, we did discuss putting down
outdoor carpet so we could just
spray it down with a hose!)

So, I am off to get on the schedule to have it installed.
Check back soon!
More bedroom progress to come!!

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