Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a Day in the Life...

This week has not been very eventful around the house.
I have several projects started, but not completed.
So I have tried to get those caught up before I move on to
an new area to organize, decorate and try to not
drive Scott nuts in the process.
He always says he is not a patient person,
but there has to be some patience in there to put up
with me.

I found a little change while doing the laundry this week.
I started pulling out all of Austin's clothes and found his entire
change jar dumped in the bottom.
This has Jackson written all over it!

We had a little excitement with birds!
We usually keep our garage doors down unless
we are out in the yard, but we had to leave them open day before yesterday.
When I came home from taking Austin to school we had a little
bird come flying in...I left the door open and Jackson and I
would go and check on him every now and then to see if he had left...
he left and his friend came in!
This robin was our second guest...
he went on his merry way after we lured him out with
some bread.  Jackson thought that was fun!

I also started priming a few of the accessories that I have
picked up for Jackson's new room.
I had to laugh when I showed Scott what I had bought.
He was looking at them like....that doesn't match...
He has not fully discovered the power of spray paint
that I have from the wonderful world of
decorating blogs!

I did think these were pretty cute little covered jars...
but $, i don't think so...

$3.00...that's better!
but the neon green and turquoise blue,
they do not exactly match the color scheme
we've got going on.
I'll be sure to show you the finished picture
 in a day or two.
The wind and now cold has put my
spray painting project on hold.

I also picked up these cute number hooks...
$6.00 a piece was not bad to begin with,
but $6.00 for all three is even better!

We also dropped off a few clothes to Emily to take to
if you are in the area and need children's clothing,
you ought to stop by.
If you click the link above, you can get dates,
directions and general information and such.

Well, I'm off to make my list of weekend projects that we need
to accomplish for the weekend.
I have several things inside that I want
to get finished that require assistance from Scott.
And with the warmer days, the yard is calling his name...
and so is the golf course.

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