Monday, March 28, 2011

Organizing the Pantry

It's Week 9 Challenge
Purge Week!

This week I decided to take on cleaning
out the pantry.
I have a nice pantry in my kitchen.
It has deep shelves from floor to ceiling and Scott
has put up two racks on the wall that hold canned goods.
However, there is one thing I wish was different.

It has the world's SMALLEST DOOR!!
I laughed the day they put it in.
I thought that has to be the best diet plan on earth.
If I get too wide, I won't be able to fit through the door!
And at the end of my pregnancy with Jackson,
I was getting pretty close! HA

Seriously...18 inches wide...
that's it...

This morning, I got straight to work!
I decided that I am going to take several days and do this right.
Today I began with a basic clean out and organize.

I couldn't find a thing...

I tell you what...that's a MESS!!!

Nothing had a real home...
baking supplies were in with pasta,
and snacks were all over the place.
There were empty tupperware containers
and odd baskets stuffed in and on top of things.

I jumped right in and pulled EVERYTHING out
of the pantry.
Every shelf and rack was empty.

So everything was cleaned out...
but boy was my kitchen a mess!

I threw out things that had gotten lost and were out of date.
I condensed boxes of similar items.
I grouped some similar things together and I am planning
on buying some cue little baskets or bins from the dollar store
to help make the most of my space.
I found that I was taking up a lot of space
with boxes that were almost empty.

Once everything was cleaned out and thrown away,
I measured the shelves. 
 I am planning on having Scott cut some
thin wood to lay down over the top of the shelves.
I love the wire shelving, but sometimes bottles and such do not
sit just right, so I think the wood shelf sitting on top will help.

I started grouping things together on shelves.
I took a little piece of paper and wrote out
the different catagories that I want to use to label my shelves.
I have several paint stir sticks that I am also going to have
Scott trim down for me and drill a couple of holes
in them so I can tie them to the front of the shelves.
That way, when I have little hands help me
put the groceries away,
they will know where things go.

I have some over sized things that I have on the floor.
Two of the clear bins I use to store alminum pans in.
These are great to use when taking a meal to someone...
you don't have to worry about loosing your dish and they
don't have to remember who to return it too!

Cans and such sorted out

All nice and neat...
and yes, that is 7 cans of pumpkin pie filling!
Every year they panic say that the crops were
so bad, there is going to be a shortage around the holidays.
So this year, I thought I would get smart...
and then every time I went to the store,
the shelves were packed!
Oh well!

I also found an over abundace of plastic shopping bags!
I liked having a lot of these when Jackson was little,
because I would put dirty diapers in them and throw them out
the back door until we ran them down to the big can at night.
But we are getting ready to start
so hopefully we won't need a lot of these
for much longer!

I also checked the fire extinguisher...
still fully charged.
Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?
I recommend you get one.
Better safe than sorry.'s only Monday and my trash can is busting
at the seams...and my garbage man does not come
until Friday?!?!?
WOW...that's a lot of trash!
Most of it was empty boxes and a few
things that were out of date.

So tonight I am off to the Dollar Store to find some
plastic bins.  I may even stop by Lowe's and look for my
plywood to make the shelves.
Hobby Lobby has glass on sale this week, so tomorrow I am
going to go by and pick up some jars to use to store
my flour, sugar and other dry goods in.
I may even order some cute little vinyl labels.
My vinyl calendar came in the mail today,
so I am also going to pick up a 16 x 20 frame for it.
Which is also half price this week!
LOVE Hobby Lobby and their
half price sales...every other week!

Stay tuned...
more progress to come!
But is definately feels better to get it
cleaned out and organized a little better.


  1. Very nice! I wish I had a pantry. If you haven't already I saw that Orangizing with Sandy blog is doing a linky party featuring pantries this week.

  2. Great job! How funny that they put in such a small door. I love that you have that wall space to use though.
    Thank you Heather for mentioning my link party and thank you Sandra for linking up to it! :)
    (I guess I am a no reply so I've been asked to leave my email... organizewithsandy(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Thats a great purge and I love your perfect organization here. Thanks for linking up!


  4. Looks great! Found you from Organizing with Sandy.

    I'd love it if you'd come over and link this up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday link party this week.

    That has to be the tiniest door I've ever seen! Surely they could have fit a slightly bigger one in that spot, lol?