Monday, March 7, 2011

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Saturday we worked on Jackson room some more...
slowly, but surely....
we are making progress.

Scott is not one to let unfinished projects just lye around,
so the fact that this is taking weeks and not days,
 is about to do him in.
He called me this morning and said he had read
the latest updates on the blog...
and emphasized the fact that the bathroom
WOULD NOT be started until
current project have been completed!


He got studs marked and we got busy hanging the
horizontal strips...

He says that I never make things easy for him...
I don't intentionally do this...
I LOVE how I can dream up these decorating dreams and
he just magically makes it happen...
He's pretty handy to have around.
But wouldn't you know on the first wall
we hung the vertical battens on
we not only hit the light switch,
but also the electrical outlet!
How's that for luck...
umm, bad luck!

But we were finally able to get several vertical battens up
inbetween church yesterday.
Hopefully we can get some more done tonight
before or after Boy Scouts...
and tomorrow before and after
Robotics Club....

See what I mean...
just not enough hours in the day!

But on a happy note...
the days will be getting longer!!!!
Daylight Savings Time
starts this weekend!

I love having longer to play outside...
I am ready to hear the kids running
and laughing in the back yard.
I am even going to try to have some
flowers again.
(Austin inserts laughter here...sarcastic child...
he told me I have a BLACK THUMB!)

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