Sunday, March 13, 2011

We're Back....

Did you miss me?

We headed out last Wednesday to take Austin
to Mobile, AL for the
National Jr. Beta State Convention.

He had a blast!
Our Talent group took home
we are very proud of them!

This picture is of all the kids involved in the
talent competition...
We also had 3 kids win individual awards.
They will be traveling to Nashville, TN this summer
to compete in the National competition.

Here is a picture of all of the kids that went
along on the trip.
We left Wednesday morning after chapel and headed to Mobile.
The convention lasted all day Thursday and
Friday until around 1 PM.

After the convention was over, we decided to stay the night and do
a little sightseeing.
We headed down to
Dauphin Island on Friday afternoon

We visited the Estuarium and walked around
Fort Gaines.

I'll post some more photos from our visit later,
the lack of hour of sleep last night is catching up with me.
We spent the night in Mobile and got up
Saturday morning and headed to Gulf Shores for the day.

We visited the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo
for the day.
You may have seen the special on
Animal Planet about this little zoo,
and the back to back evacuations they
had to make to get the animals to safety
from two hurricaines.
It was a small zoo, but the boys had a great time!

The most exciting part of the zoo was the
Animal Encounters!

We were able to hold and play with a
Baby Kangaroo!!!
Her name was
She was precious.
She just sat in her little pouch and let us
pet her and love on her...
I'll do another post on all of the animals we saw.
Jackson even got in on the fun!
He was so good and so gentle with them.

Our next encounter was with two
Baby Lehmurs.
They were sooo fun to play with!
They would just jump from one side to the other and
then the next thing you knew,
they were on your back!
They were so cute and their little hands were
sooo soft!

Jackson was too young to do this encounter,
but watched us from outside the cage.
Austin had a blast!
Sometimes it's hard to find things for both of them to enjoy
because of the difference in their age,
but I think both boys had a great time.

We had a great time
but now it's back to the real world.
Scott packed up today and is headed out
on a business trip and he'll be back this weekend
only to pack up and head out again!
Yippee!!! NOT!

So, it's just me and the boys for several days!
At least, I can get off the hook for cooking dinner every night!
Hee Hee

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