Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Sank My Battleship

Uncle Steve and Austin decided to make some ships out of cans and take them to the pond and sink them with the bazillion rocks that are around the pond. There was also about a foot of mud that Austin decided to walk right out into in his good shoes! His feet were absolutely covered in mud and he thought it was great. I started to get mad about it but decided that shoes will wash and memories of sinking Uncle Steve's ship will last longer than the shoes!

They had a blast! Each time they headed out the dog would happily follow them out to the pond. Austin thought that was so cool. She is a very good dog and would listen to everything he said. He learned very quickly to tell her down, sit, and stay. She would sit on the bank and watch until she couldn't stand it any more and then she would chase a rock or two into the water but she never went out too far-- must have been cold!!

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