Thursday, December 25, 2008

And the Celebration Continues

After we finished opening Santa and gifts at home we headed to Mamma and Papa's house to have lunch and open presents!

Uncle Jeff walked Jackson around -- he will walk just a little if you hold his hands but he has not quite figured out his balance or to stand flat on his feet. He goes everywhere on is tip toes!

All of the grandkids (minus Jeremy-- we missed you!) in front of the Christmas Tree

Time to tear some more paper!!! Jackson was all over this! The only problem was that he wanted to eat the paper instead of seeing what is inside.

Uncle Jeff helped Jackson open his present from he and Aunt Ann and his cousins. This was the coolest little lights and sound toy with a big mirror-- by the way- Jackson thinks he looks pretty good! He loves to sit and play with this toy! I think it is his favorite!

Spending time with Family and new toys-- what could be better-- MORE FAMILY-- we missed you Aunt Jackie, Uncle Rick and Jeremy!!! Come home soon!

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  1. We really missed being with you guys at Christmas this year too!

    Hopefully we will be there for Jackson's 2nd Christmas!

    Love the Red Apple Wreath Candle!