Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

We dressed the boys up today and tried to take a couple of photos to put together a Christmas card. Here are a few pics. Notice the red mark above Jackson's eye-- he decided to launch head first into Austin's head--ouch!

You can't tell by his smile but Jackson woke up from his nap this afternoon running a fever. He doesn't act sick but was as hot as a firecracker. I guess we'll be going to see Dr. Parmer.

Jackson also celebrated his 8 month birthday yesterday. He is growing like a weed and changing every day. He can sit up by himself and can even pick up his little puffs and eat them on his own. Jackson will roll all over the place but cannot pick that big belly up off the ground to try to crawl. He can put his paci in his mouth and will hold his bottle occasionally. He just babbles all the time. He is getting a lot of expression in his voice and really does not like it when Austin ignores him. The other night in the car, Austin was reading a book and not paying attention to Jackson. He started his usual "Bla, bla, blahh" and Austin kept reading. Jackson kept talking getting a little louder until he was yelling "Blaa, Blaa, Bla, Blah". By this time Scott and I were cracking up in the front seat. We told Austin to look over at him just to see what he would do. Austin did not speak, just looked at him and Jackson smiled really big and in the sweetest voice said "Blaa,Bla, Blah". All he wanted was for Austin to look at him and it wasn't happening! We all had a good laugh.

Austin is getting ready for Christmas... he can't wait for those presents!! They will have their Holiday lunch at school on Monday and then half days on Thursday and Friday with partying in between. Then he is out until around the 6th of January.

Enjoy the holidays!

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