Monday, December 15, 2008

The Really Stinky Virus is BACK!!

Well... we have gotten RSV...AGAIN!!! We had been being so careful and one day out with all of the nasty coughing, sneezing, gross people and he catches it AGAIN!! He had a really rough weekend. I think last night we may have gotten about 3 hours of sleep. He definitely has a worse case this time than when we decided to go to Nana's at Thanksgiving. His fever was around 102.5 this weekend and he was absolutely pitiful. Hardly any smiles-- you know something is wrong when he doesn't smile.

At our visit with Dr. Parmer today he said Jackson is going to need to start breathing treatments so tonight when Scott got home we hooked him up. He did really well. I thought he would fight it and not want that mask on his little face but he took it like a little man! He was even smiling through it. Silly little boy!!!

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