Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's on His Way!!!!

Austin and Jackson posed in front of the tree for a snapshot in their new Christmas PJ's that Nana found for them. They were waiting for Santa to come our way and bring us lots of goodies!

Passing the time with Jackson and some of his presents from Tuesday night!

We have always let Austin open one present on Christmas Eve. The present is our choice because let's face it-- he would pick the biggest box under the tree-- wouldn't you?? So he was waiting impatiently to open his present and this is his reaction!! It was priceless-- it was the movie Kung Fu Panda-- but it was on a Blue Ray disc-- Austin had already explained to Nana that we don't buy Blue Ray discs because we don't have a Blue Ray player! Hee Hee Hee-- so he is thinking this gift is pointless-- the ONE gift is a useless disc!!!

So Nana decides to let Scott open a present as well--- and guess what it is....

Yep-- it's a Blue Ray player and all the excitement explodes when he realizes that the disc isn't useless after all. It was a pretty good joke if I do say so myself! So Grandpa, Scott and Austin were off to watch King Fu Panda on the big screen in Blue Ray...whoo hoo!!

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