Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Festivities with Friends

Tonight we celebrated with some of our long time friends and their families. This is a tradition that we have had since 1996 (I think). Maybe since 1995. Each year we get together and eat and exchange gifts. It is a gathering we look forward to every year. No matter how busy we get we always make a point to celebrate together.

Payton, Patrick and Austin

Jackson, Aunt Leisa and Aunt Gena

Aunt Gena gave Jackson a Pooh Honey Pot toy. Aunt Gena is a Disney NUT and had to start him out right. He really enjoyed the lights and music.

Jackson showing Aunt Leisa how much he loves his frog cross stitch that she made for him. It is of a little boy dressed in a frog outfit wearing little water wings. We love frogs and the water wings are for when he gets big enough to go swimming at Aunt Leisa and Uncle Rick's.

The boys all opened their presents and ran back downstairs to play some more. Everyone enjoyed the evening and is gearing up for the rest of the week's celebrations!

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