Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

And feel like it too-- burr -- it's cold here-- the high today was only about 40 and yep it's the night of the Christmas Parade! Scott came home and took Austin to the parade. They had to be on their float by 5pm and the parade will start at 6pm. He was so bundled up that he could almost not move! He was bundled up in multiple layers--pj's, thermals, Fleece Hoodie, Michelin Man jacket and then a toboggan under his Hood hat and then the hood on his coat, two layers of socks, hiking boots (fleece lined too boot!), gloves and a scarf wrapped around his neck so he can pull it up over his little mouth and nose! I think he'll stay warm. He also took 2 big fleece blankets and a thermos full of hot chocolate! Yum

Scott just kept telling me "Do you know how much I HATE being cold?!?!" I kept reminding him that he is the greatest Dad in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD but I'm not sure he was buying it! Jackson and I figured that we would just sit this one out since he has been sick. Cars had already lined up down Hobbs Street this afternoon. There ought to be a record crowd!

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