Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jackson's First Trip to Nana's

On Sunday the 23rd of November after a trip to see Dr. Parmer-- poor guy he just lives in his office during cold and Flu season! Back to my point... he gave us the OK to go to mom's house (with lots of meds in case we needed them) so after talking it over with Scott we headed out around 1:30pm. Jackson was so tired that he cried for about the first 20 minutes. Scott didn't say a word and I wondered if we should just turn back. He finally relaxed and drifted off to sleep and was a happy little rider from there on out. This trip is hard on little ones when they are feeling good and even harder when they are sick. Austin was set up with his DVD player and his DS so he was good to go. He rode happily until around 6:00 when it was time for dinner. He ate his dinner and stretched for a while and then we headed on. After another nap we woke up at Nana's a few hours later. Then he was ready to was 10:30 we were ready to go to bed. We set up his bed and changed into Jammies and had some cereal and a bottle and then he was ready to head off to dream land. He slept well and didn't seem to be too sick except for a snotty little nose.

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