Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We finally broke down and bought a new tree this year. We had to buy one at Austin's first Christmas because the pediatrician said a live tree would not be good for his allergies so we had to break down and buy an artificial tree. It lasted for 8 years but last year Scott had to tie it up with a wire to make it stand straight. Not to mention the fit throwing that would be done as he took the time to test the lights before he put them on the tree only to have one color stop working once the strand was put on the tree. So this year we bought a pre-lit tree. Austin helped me decorate the tree this year. He had to improvise a little to get the ornaments up higher on the tree. How we managed to get it decorated without falling off the couch I don't know. We still need to add a bow on the top but have not made it around to the store to get one.

Austin said this tree would do but he would rather have a tree with colored lights-- but once the ornaments were on the tree he liked it a lot.

Now we just need some presents!!!

Happy Holidays!

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