Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Perking Up the Pantry

On the first, full day of school I was ready to go!
Cleaning, organizing, cooking...
yeah...I didn't do any of that!

Jackson and I did run out and do a few errands that morning,
but then came home and sat down like we
had nothing to do...nothing at all.

This morning I decided that something had to get done.
So I popped a video in for Jackson and decided to take
on a job that I started a long time ago,
but never quite finished.

A while back I tried to organize my pantry
and group "like" things together.  It has worked out pretty well.
I also purchased some baskets from Old Time Pottery
to help keep some of the loose items together in an effort for
them to not get pushed back to the back of the shelf and lost.

But in order to keep things where they should go and
let everyone be able to find things without saying
"Hey Mom, where is ???"
I made some little labels for the shelves.

I had shown you a little hint here.

Here are my little wood pieces that Scott trimmed up
and drilled holes in for me.

I grabbed my little can of Chalkboard paint
and sprayed away...

After several coats, they were good to go!
I used a Chalk marker and labeled
each of my markers

and then used ribbon to tie
them to the wire shelving.

Now, everything has a nice little home and putting
groceries away should be easy as pie.

And if I want to bake a pie...

All of the baking supplies are in one place.

Now if we can just keep it organized we'll be in good shape.

I had to laugh at myself this morning while I was doing this.
I thought, "I could see myself becoming a very
obsessive and complusive type person
if I wasn't so stinkin' lazy!"

While Jackson is napping I better get some
more done.  Laundry is catching up with me again...
what's for dinner???
And not a single bed in the house is made...

Sigh...well in this day and time I guess I ought to consider it
job security, huh...

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