Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking it Easy on a a Tuesday...

While I should have been cleaning this morning,
I decided that Jackson and I would get out for a minute...

We went to Tuesday Morning.
Well...it was Tuesday, and it was the morning....
well, I justified it in my head that way.
Anyway...moving on...

We found a few little treasures, but Jackson
thinks that he found a priceless treasure.

We bought PlayDoh!

I told Jackson to look at me and say
Play Doh
of course...he squealed it with glee!!!

Jackson had found a box full of cookie cutters
(that I had forgotten I had) a few days ago and kept
pulling them out and would look through them and name the
shapes and animals so we came right home and pulled them out.

He had so much fun playing with his new Play-Doh!
And I would just laugh at him when he would lean over
and say
"mmmm....it smells dood"
he's so funny.

I tried really hard to not freak out when he mixed the
red and the green....it's only Play-Doh...we can get more..
we can even make more...

I found a little rolling pin for him to use to roll it all out.
He thought that was neat.

And everything works better with your tongue stuck out...

He had so much fun!
What a sweet smile from $2.00 worth of fun!

Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday!

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