Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting Back Into the Routine...

School started back today.
Austin is officially in Middle School...sigh...
How did that happen?
It just seems like yesterday that they were
sending this little baby home with me and I had
NO CLUE what to do with him.

I took his traditional picture on the front porch
but he asked that I not put it on the blog...
he really didn't want me to take the picture AT ALL...
party pooper...
But I did manage to get a quick shot in
to use in his scrapbook.

So with the start of this new school year,
I decided that this year, I am determined to get on a routine.
Now that we have to get up and out of the house,
I am going to (try) to get my shower and be ready to go
before I take Austin to school.
This way, I'll be ready for whatever the day brings.

Today the day brought 42 loads of laundry...
42 loads of hand washables and delicates.
( wasn't really 42 loads, but it sure seemed like it)
While I sat with my laundry, washing, dry for a few minutes to get out the wrinkles,
and hang up to dry, I worked on cleaning out and organizing the dining room.
I am still adjusting my list that I told you about a few weeks ago,
big projects to little...
the dining room is one of my BIG projects.

We have this large inset in the dining room.
This is where the stairs were suppose to be
on the original house plan, but since that would put the stairs
right in the middle of Scott's garage, the plan had to change.
And my little awkward but perfect fit for my buffet inset was born.

It's fairly deep and the ceiling is 10 ft. tall.
So we could build one big whoppin' cabinet!
But I am trying to figure out exactly what type of storage space
I need. There will definitely be some sort of
glass doors to display my china.

And I would love to have room to display
some of my silver pieces along with
 places for silverware and storage for
crystal stemware and such...
oh the dishes we could put in here...

So, I have been looking around on Pinterest
and found this little cabinet.
I like how it has two enclosed cabinets
and the display shelves in the middle.
China settings displayed behind the glass doors
and then some of my silver on the open shelves.

Photo taken from Traditional Home

But before I can display any of that silver...
It had to be polished!
Oh WOW!! That is horrible...

And the after is ready for a new home on open shelves
with beautiful china on either side.

But until then,
 I plan on storing it better so it doesn't reach it's pitiful state again.
Because it will be a loooonnnnngggg time before my little cabinet dream
becomes a reality.

So, here is to a new school year...
a new routine, and one day...
a new china cabinet!

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