Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hanging Out in the Summer Heat

In case you have been living under a rock,
most of the US is under a heat wave.
Although, I am ready for this wave to move on out!


I have been trying to plan out trips out in the mornings or go later in the evening
because during the day it is just unbearable.
If the car has to sit outside for any length of time it is
sweltering and Jackson will just let out this sad whimper
when you sit him in his car seat and say "it hurts"
I guess it is the fabric cover on his seat.  It just holds the heat.
Not that the seats for Austin and I are cool as a cucumber either!

It is just too HOT!!!
I am sooo ready for winter!

I needed some make up so I decided that we would head out
yesterday morning and go to the mall.
We could walk around and shop and be cool
all at the same time.
Sounded like a good plan,
until reality set in that I was shopping with
two boys and not my girlfriends...
Oh yeah, shopping with Austin...
as much fun as a root canal.

Our first stop was to see if we could find some cushions for my
new wicker furniture.  One quick stop to the store where we had bought them
and we were on our way.  They had gotten in a new shipment and had
a set that would work just fine.
Scott was not loving all of the funky prints and kept
leaning more towards a solid so when I saw the Kiwi Green,
I said "I'll take these please"

I plan on adding some coordinating pillows
that will liven them up a bit, but at least now they are a little
softer to sit on.

Our next stop was the mall.
The first thing out of Jackson's mouth was
"Can I ride the rides?"

I told him he had to be good and let me
get all of my shopping done before
he could have a ride.
He was a good boy and did get his ride at the end of the trip.

I had planned on getting Austin some new school clothes,
but that was a bust.
Austin hates to shop and if he has 5 pair of pants and 5 shirts
he thinks that should be enough.
How is he my child?
I guess it's a boy thing, I don't know...
So, after walking through several stores,
and him not touching a thing, I gave up.

He would only look at those silly shirts that say
"Will sell my little brother for video games"
I can't stand those shirts...
so if you work in the retail business and are in charge of
ordering those shirts, you can stop now...
we've seen enough!

So after walking around the mall,
I headed back to Belk to get my makeup
and my Clinique Bonus
and then I thought we would be on our way...
Until I spied the shoe sale!

So my shopping trip for Austin's school clothes
yielded make up and new shoes for me.
Austin school!

I thought these little ballet flats we cute
and metallic's are all the rage so they jumped on my feet.

I love the end of the year sandal clearance, because next summer I have
lots of "new" shoes to show off when warm weather arrives
and I'm not broke!
I found these cute little wedge heel sandals with the cute little flower
and thought they would be perfect to wear in Hawaii next summer!
So off we went to check out and be on our merry way!

I love new shoes!

So we left the mall around lunch time,
grabbed a bite to eat and headed home
for a nap...
Jackson was getting a little crabby.


We also watered our poor little flowers.
They are so not loving this heat.

Some days I am watering them in the morning and
in the evening just to keep them alive.

I have totally given up on my little tomato plants.
The pots on the porch just didn't do the trick.
So I am going to pull them up and get those pots
ready to plant something in for the fall.

Well, that's about all that has been going on around here.
Today's plan...stay inside until time for church tonight.
The high's today are suppose to be in the triple digits
with a heat index even higher...

Hope you are staying cool where you are!

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