Friday, August 5, 2011

Trying to Tame the Toys

I hinted about a little project for Jackson's room
a couple of weeks ago

I had seen a great idea on
iHeart Organizing
and put Scott to work.
I love that I have a handy husband!
I come up with all of these ideas that I find
out in blog land and he whips them into reality.

This was my latest big idea!
(that he completely made from start to finish)
I am a little bit like someone else in my family...
I have BIG ideas, but sometimes lack the drive to finish them.
But thanks to Scott, they get done

He started with some oak that he had laying around
his shop.  (I say "laying around" but it was actually carefully stored
on a shelf to be put to good use one day...he is the real organized one in this house,
me, not so much...)

He measured Jackson's bed and figured out how wide to make them
to get 4 bins the length of his bed. And then made them as
deep as his bed.

Added a bottom to them and routed out a little
handle on the front to have a place to pull them out from
under the bed to get at all of those glorious toys!

A couple coats of primer and paint and they are almost
ready to be filled with toys.

All lined up and ready to go...

We bought some caster to put on the bottom so Jackson
will be able to pull these out and push them back
when he's done..
OK, we'll be able to push them back...

Here is one of them in his floor.  They are large enough that
he may only be able to pull one of them out at a time.
Which might keep the 40 Million parts and pieces from
being mixed up together...
yeah, I know...wishful thinking!

Cute little casters that Scott put on the bottom to help them
roll out and back.

Time to load them up with toys.
Jackson did not really want to wait for me to take my
little pictures this morning.
He decided this one was for blocks.

All nice and pushed under the bed...and a little half dressed,
wild haired little boy fits nicely under the bed also.

And there is a little red peeking out from under his little bed.
Jackson has this one filled with all of his mega blocks and prickle blocks.
Time to go and bring the other three up and fill them with
Hot Wheels and lots of other toys.
Now, maybe, just maybe, we'll see his floor every now and them.

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