Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Decorating the Powder Bath

One room that has not really had anything done to
it since we moved in our house almost 9 years ago,
is the powder bath.  I have never really "decorated" the space.
Other than picking out the mirror and hanging a couple of
wall accents from the other house and changing out the color of the
hand towel every now and then...it has sat looking pitiful.

Until now...

I have decided it's time to pretty things up a bit.

It started with this basket.
I originally bought it to make an arrangement for the front door.
Now that it's done, I don't want it to get messed up outside.

Floral stems are half price this week at Hobby Lobby
(or Hobby Wobby as Jackson would say...)
so we decided to take a little trip yesterday and pick up a few.
I grabbed a few cream Hydrangea blooms, some pheasant feathers, and
these dried Lotus blossoms.
(and yes, the only reason I knew they were Lotus blossoms is because the tag said so...)

A few blocks of floral foam and

Big ol' basket full of flowers.
I pulled a couple of Yellow Hydrangea stems from
another arrangement and added them for a little more color.
I am thinking I need another yellow and maybe a couple more
of the pheasant feathers.

I headed straight for the powder room when I was done and sat
it on the back of the toilet.
I am thinking it may be a little big.
I may even go back to Tuesday Morning and grab the next
smaller size basket...the more I look at these pictures,
the bigger that basket looks...
So it may not need any more flowers,
just a little downsizing...
We'll see.
Whatever I decide, it has gotten me in the mood to
spruce up the room a bit...

I also have this picture that I bought some time ago thinking
that I would hang it in here, but obviously... that has not happened.


I may even get brave and paint the frame on my mirror...
who knows, it may turn into
Decorating Gone Wild....

Ok...not really, but who knows.

A little paint...possibly a new rug,
some towels...
a few hundred holes in the wall trying to hang stuff...
(Scott is out of town and he's my go to for hanging things...
It usually involves a level, a tape measure, and me pointing to a spot
on the wall and saying "hang it here" and then I leave)

Some time I'll have to tell you the story of me trying to hang pictures
in my apartment one night, with the heal of my shoe...do you remember that
Scott and I were neighbors when we met...and his bedroom backed up to mine...
Yeah, hanging pictures goes waaaay back ...Ha Ha!)

Anyway...I am off to make my list of things to do in the powder room.
Possibly run to Tuesday Morning...
(it is Tuesday, you know...)
and maybe the paint store if I'm feeling
really bold.

What would Scott think if he came home and I had
painted the room...
HA...He'd probably tell me he was glad there was a room
he didn't have to paint!
We'll see.

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