Friday, July 22, 2011

Check This...Add that...

As this week is coming to an end, I am happy with the
progress we have made.
We have gotten a lot of "little" things done and
that feels good!  Now, we can plan out the
big projects and make our list of priorities.

I have also learned this week that Scott is willing to
do almost anything I ask him to do
handy man wise...I just have to ask him.
He can't read my mind, although after 17 years
he should...just kidding...sort of.

Here is a picture of my little laundry sign
I told you about earlier this week.
I put the vinyl sticker on and was ready to hang it
and Scott said
"You are going to put a clear coat over it aren't you"
blank stare as if to say, umm No?
and then he clarified...
"this needs to have a clear coat put on it"

So, tomorrow I am going to put a little coat of poly over
my cute little sign so it will last and last.

Another little project to check off the list is the labels
I have wanted to make for my pantry shelves.
I have thought I would use paint stir sticks
and have him trim them down, but I needed a lot of them.
Scott came up tonight with a handful of these little pieces of happiness.
He is so good!
Tomorrow they will get a little coat of chalkboard paint
and hopefully I can show you another little
project off the ol' list!

Another project that I don't have pictures of yet
is one that we came up with for Jackson's room.
I had seen this idea over at

Jen had used some old dresser drawers on casters
for some under bed storage for her boy's room.
I was talking to Scott about the possibility of
doing something like that for Jackson's room,
but we didn't have a dresser that we could steal
any drawers from.  What we did have was a lot
of scrap lumber.  He had used some for my little laundry
sign above.  I said I wasn't picky, it would all be painted out,
so whatever he had would be fine.
The boards have been cut, just have to find the time to
put them all together.

So, I have one more day to put him to work
and then it is back to his paying job for a little rest.

School starts back 3 weeks from today,
so I am sure that some back to school shopping is in order in
the next few days.  School supplies and new school clothes.

Well, off to bed for one more day of work tomorrow.
It has been a great week of getting things done,
but even better spending a week at home with Scott.

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